Remember last year’s EA Play presentation? You may or may not, but it featured a project that’s been in the pipeline, well... until now, as it seems the game has unfortunately been cancelled.

According to a new Bloomberg report, the game, which was under the codename Gaia, has been cancelled, despite being six years in development since 2015. It was being handled by EA’s Motive Studio, and had talent such as creative leads from Star Wars Battlefront II. But sources are said to have told the publication its cancellation is due to a resource shift in the company.

The last we saw of Gaia was during an EA Play presentation last year, where it was described as a “highly ambitious” next-gen game. While it didn’t show much, it featured a character navigating around a city, showcasing EA’s look at in-game physics for next-gen systems. Motive described it at the time as a “highly ambitious” project that “puts the power of creativity in your hands”.

Gaia’s cancellation falls in line with numerous other changes in EA’s plans going forward. The planned rebirth of Anthem has been canned and the company is distancing the next Dragon Age from any live service elements, strictly focusing on a single player experience. It’s been a busy week for EA, but hopefully these changes see some focused projects being delivered.

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