The Medium Key Art

The Xbox Series X|S' first big console exclusive has (almost) arrived in The Medium, a psychological horror title from the Bloober Team, the studio behind other iconic horror games such as Blair Witch and Layers of Fear.

In our review of the upcoming Xbox Game Pass title, we found its narrative to be engaging and cited it as a visual showpiece for the Xbox Series X|S, ultimately bogged down by some uninspired gameplay.

Reviews across the board seem very divisive, so let's take a look at what some other outlets are saying...

The Gamer (5/5)

"The Medium never hits a flat note. I beat the game in two long sittings, and there was never a point during either that I felt like the game dragged, or could’ve used a little more polish, or left too many loose ends hanging. It’s a lean, compelling experience that says what it has to say, then leaves you to grapple with the specifics afterwards."

Gamespot (9/10)

"And to that end, The Medium's conclusion sticks with you; it's one last horrifying reminder that trauma may not define a person, but it can have consequences we can't even begin to foresee if it's not adequately dealt with and simply left to fester over time. I can't say I enjoyed the ending to The Medium, but I am deeply satisfied with how it sets up the inescapable nature of its horrifying conclusion."

IGN (8/10)

"An absorbing and nerve-racking journey from the shriek of its first jump scare to its very last gasp, The Medium delivers a psychological horror adventure that’s all thriller and no filler."

Game Informer (6.75/10)

"Some of the best horror games of the last decade have offered combat-free frights. After all, abandoned buildings are scarier when you can’t push back against the shadows. However, The Medium’s lack of combat highlights the challenge of letting atmosphere and puzzles carry a horror experience. The idea of exploring split realities is neat, but Bloober Team needed another gameplay hook to hang its hat on, because this horror show is a bit shallow."

VGC (3/5)

"The Medium won't give you any sleepless nights, but treat it as a paranormal thriller rather than an all-out horror game and you'll find an interesting story (albeit a disturbing one at times) that will encourage you to push through its slightly repetitive split-screen gimmick to find out how it all ends. A short but intriguing tale."

GamesRadar (2.5/5)

"The Medium isn't even really a horror game, despite the setting and themes, and lacks any scares bar an early cheap jump. For a studio so focused on creating psychological horror it's hard to see this mildly spooky action-adventure as anything other than a misstep."

GAMINGbible (3/10)

"The Medium is a game that I'm very happy to put behind me and never think about again. For any fans of horror, I would firmly recommend you give this game a miss."

As of now, The Medium is currently sitting on a 73 at Metacritic, from a total of 40 different outlets reporting their thoughts. It's definitely divisive. The Medium is available on January 28 on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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