Poll: When Was The Last Time You Turned On An Xbox 360?

Not to make you feel old or anything, but we just recently passed the 15th anniversary of the Xbox 360, which first launched in North America all the way back in November 2005, followed by Europe that December.

It still feels like yesterday to us, but in reality it's been a long while since we last played our Xbox 360 consoles for any significant amount of time, especially since many of those titles have been added to backwards compatibility.

With that said though, there are still many reasons why you might choose to play an Xbox 360 in 2021, so we're curious to know whether you've still got one stashed under your TV, or whether you abandoned yours years ago.

Let us know how long it's been since you last turned on an Xbox 360 down in the comments below.

How Long Since You Last Used An Xbox 360?