If you recall some of the messaging Microsoft was putting out about Xbox Series X backwards compatibility last year, you'll remember that a select group of games were promised to be getting frame-rate boosts, with the first of these revealed in Fallout 4 - going from 30 frames per-second to 60.

Since then, we haven't heard anything further, and the Fallout 4 update has yet to surface, but Xbox director of project management Jason Ronald has confirmed (albeit very briefly) that the FPS upgrades are still in the works.

Back in October, Microsoft highlighted that "new methods and techniques" had been created to achieve this goal for select titles, allowing game engines to "render more quickly for a buttery smooth experience."

As for whether any additional games will be added to the backwards compatibility program, Microsoft has noted that it's "top of mind" and something the team is investigating, but it also presents technical and licensing challenges.

What games are you hoping get an FPS boost for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S? Tell us below.