Black Ops Cold War Is Still Crashing On Xbox Series X, But There's A Workaround

We've been hearing reports of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War crashing on Xbox Series X ever since the game launched for the system back in November, and unfortunately, the problem is still occurring for many players.

However, if you're facing this problem when playing online, you might be able to benefit from a workaround. As detailed by u/EmadBella on Reddit, pressing the guide button at the start of a round can sometimes prevent crashes.

We haven't tested this ourselves, so we can't verify its validity (and as always, non-official workarounds are something to try at your own risk), but the vast majority of commenters on Reddit have suggested it's worked for them.

"Can confirm. Every time I boot up game, first match starts at like 20 fps, press Xbox button to open menu, go back to game, solved. You do not have to turn ray tracing off, is not linked to this weird issue. I keep it enabled, game has not crashed or even stuttered once."

Let us know if you've had any success with this Call of Duty crash fix in the comments below!