343 Unveils First Look Screenshots Of Halo Infinite's Multiplayer

343 Industries dropped a huge update on the progress of Halo Infinite last night, including the announcement that the game would now ship in Fall 2021, while also sharing a selection of new screenshots.

Specifically, these screens are taken from the multiplayer component of the game, featuring a brief look at a work-in-progress map, a couple of in-engine weapon renders, and a whole host of armor coatings.

You'll find loads more new information about Halo Infinite's multiplayer over at the official Halo Waypoint blog, including a breakdown of the key "principals and pillars" involved in its design, discussion about its free-to-play approach, and a response to the recent criticisms surrounding its controversial new armor coatings.

Hi Multiplayer Map 1 4k 03a0b43b63454dc6affd23b8119a86b0
Hi M41 Spnkr 1920x1080 7339e49d41254638befda38323c4d88c
Hi S7 Sniper 1920x1080 27bd21bb8bf547d7a692fc7b53797e6b
Hi Scorpion Punch Armor Coating 1920x1080 Bb912a768d394bbab1c75a0cbbd68124
Hi Watchdog Armor Coating Ar 1920x1080 5abc2dd43893402f89dd0abfb9a74806
Hi Splinter Desert Coating 1920x1080 F82f9d9813b949f582f9e510f47596ee
Hi Noble Defender Armor Coating 1920x1080 0dff97cab24d43b2ae016adbc3134965
Hi Watchdog Armor Coating Br 1920x1080 39d54131ddda42199397e715ead7dfb2

What do you make of these new Halo Infinite screenshots? Give us your thoughts down below.

[source halowaypoint.com]