Some Journalists Already Have Their Hands on the Real Xbox Series X.900 X4

The Xbox Series X could be making its way to China next year if a few recent reports are to be believed.

As highlighted by industry analyst, Daniel Ahmad, the Xbox Series X is looking likely to launch in China in the first half of next year (2021), following a few additional games being approved.

A report from Niko Partners looked at the state of the next-gen systems in China after the overturn of the console ban in 2014, meaning Microsoft consoles can legally release within the country. While players have spent time importing games from the grey market, the launch of the Xbox Series X could provide growth in the country's gaming sectors.

As also reported by South China Morning Post, the Xbox Series X has seemingly been certified to release within the country, whereas (as Ahmad points out below) the PS5 is still yet to receive that same certification.

"Microsoft will likely launch the Xbox Series X in China next year, in an official capacity, once it has some additional games approved. The PS5 is yet to receive 3C certification yet."

The launch of the console in China could be a welcome move towards accelerating the console's player base next year, especially if it manages to release in advance of the PS5.

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