Xbox's cloud streaming service has been available on Android devices for a good few weeks now, but a new video has emerged giving a first look at the system running on PC.

As captured by Windows Central Gaming, the exclusive hands-on experience gives a first glimpse at how cloud streaming will work on PC with Xbox Game Pass titles. The shift over to PC will allow users to stream games that their operating system may not have been able to run up to that point, opening up a wider selection of games.

Other key elements have also been noted by the publication, such as titles being "less susceptibility to hackers and cheaters". The footage itself is said to be running off a 200mbps internet connection with Halo: The Master Chief Collection demonstrated as the visual showcase.

Streets of Rage 4 is also seen to be running through the service and even embodies the same touch controls seen on the Android version, meaning that any Surface device might also be able to utilise the same control scheme.

Will you use xCloud when it releases on PC? Let us know in the comments below.

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