Star Wars Squadrons Xbox Series X Update Now Available, 120FPS Included

EA revealed back in early November that it was planning to add 120FPS support for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in Star Wars: Squadrons, and that update is now available for the two new systems.

The addition of 120FPS (which is console exclusive to Xbox Series X|S), means you can now choose to prioritise enhanced visuals or enhanced performance, and VRR support has also been added for displays that use it.

As previously revealed, the game's "quality mode" will now will run at 4K/60FPS on Series X and 1440p/60FPS on Series S featuring a newly improved lighting model, while the performance mode drops the lighting model but retains the same resolution targets - 4K/120FPS on Series X and 1440p/120FPS on Series S.

The full patch notes are on the EA website, and you can download the update right now!

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