Star Wars: Squadrons Is Getting A 120FPS Mode For Xbox Series X|S

EA has confirmed its backwards compatible plans for a selection of titles on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S today, including the news that Star Wars: Squadrons will run at up to 120FPS on both systems.

You'll be able to choose from two different modes in the space combat title - better visual quality and better performance, with the former running up to 4K/60FPS on Xbox Series X and up to 1440p/60FPS on Series S, and the latter retaining those same resolutions at up to 120FPS, but without a newly improved lighting model.

There will also be a toggle for Variable Refresh Rates if your display supports it.

As for the other games, most of EA's backwards compatible titles will simply benefit from improved load times and smoother framerates on the new systems, although Apex Legends is getting a “performance boost” and will run at 1440p, with more extensive enhancements set to arrive for the battle royale next year.

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