Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Was Just As Shocked By Minecraft Steve's Smash Bros. Victory Screen

Minecraft Steve's inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch has drawn plenty of attention over the past couple of weeks, but not always for the intended reasons!

Following his addition, plenty of fans took to social media to point out how inappropriate his victory screen appeared to look, and if you haven't seen it yet, it kind of speaks for itself...

Even Xbox boss Phil Spencer has now given his thoughts on Steve's victory pose, after being made aware of it by Kotaku's Stephen Totilo in a recent interview. Initially, he didn't even believe it was real.

Spencer: [long pause] Yeah. Who did that?

That's the real image. I'm not, I'm not, like, trolling you right now or something like that. It's weird... I guess that's a piece of meat. Some people thought it was the pick axe and it kind of just hovers there, so.

I assume that will be fixed.

And fixed it has been, as of yesterday with the release of update 9.0.1. Steve's meat has been given the chop (sounds painful!), and now he doesn't look quite as happy about his victories anymore.

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