Xbox Series X Official Packaging Invites You To 'Power Your Dreams' 2

The Xbox Series X officially went on sale around the world earlier today, and if you were lucky enough to snap one up, all you need to do now is wait in anticipation for that big release day on November 10th.

We've already highlighted what you'll first see when the packaging arrives at your door (and you can also view a more detailed snapshot of it above), but what does the back look like? As it turns out, it's a really neat design:

As you can see, the back of the box is emblazoned with a huge Master Chief, and it also details the console itself, Xbox Velocity Architecture, backwards compatibility and of course, Xbox Game Pass.

The design was clearly finalised well in advance of Halo Infinite's recent delay to 2021, but nevertheless there's still plenty of Halo goodness to enjoy on Xbox Series X in the interim, so we think it's a fitting choice!

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