Those Xbox Series SSD Expansion Cards Will Be Hot Swappable

The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will feature internal custom-built SSDs with 512GB and 1TB of storage respectively, and if you want to play next-gen games built for the new consoles, you'll need to install them on that internal SSD - or buy a special 1TB Seagate Storage Expansion Card that matches the internal SSD performance exactly.

But what if you want even more storage than that? Fortunately, Xbox Series S/X Director of Project Management Jason Ronald has confirmed you'll be able to swap these cards around with no fuss whatsoever:

It remains to be seen how expensive these things will be when they're made available this Holiday, but a recent leaked photo appeared to suggest they could be upwards of $200, so they definitely won't come cheap!

However, there's a way around it - you'll still be able to store next-gen games on standard external USB hard drives (as reiterated by Ronald yesterday), so if you don't fancy forking out for the new Seagate Storage Expansion Cards, it'll just be a case of moving games to and from the internal SSD to free up more space.

Are you planning on picking up one or more Expansion Cards for the Xbox Series S/X? Let us know below.