Which Next-Gen Xbox Are You Currently Planning To Buy?

Update (Wed 9th Sep, 2020 20:30 BST): With both the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X now officially revealed, we've got a good idea about what to expect from both systems when they release later this year on November 10th.

In case you missed it, the Xbox Series X will launch at a price of £449 / $499, while the lesser-powered Xbox Series S will launch at £249/$299, with pre-orders going live later this month on September 22nd. Exciting stuff!

Taking everything into account (design, specs, price, etc), we want to know which console you're leaning towards at this point, two months out from release. Are you sticking with the Xbox Series X, has the low price of the Xbox Series S tempted you, or are you still on the fence about both of them? Let us know below.

Which Next-Gen Xbox Console Are You Currently Planning To Buy?