Microsoft's Intended Xbox Series S Press Briefing Has Leaked Online
Image: Microsoft

The leaks just never end for Microsoft, do they?! Following the rushed reveal of the Xbox Series S due to the system being leaked this past Tuesday, the entire "Virtual Press Briefing" for the system has leaked online.

The videos have been posted by Twitter user WalkingCat, and while we're not going to share them in full here, you can see a snippet of Microsoft discussing the differences between the Xbox Series S and Xbox One X below:

Ultimately, it looks like this is the briefing that members of the press were going to see ahead of next week's intended reveal, but obviously it didn't work out like that. Because of this, there's nothing particularly new in the videos - they simply act as a recap of this week's news, such as EA Play joining Xbox Game Pass and the rollout of Xbox All Access.

No real harm done here, then, but it's strange to see this thing leaked in full. What's next?!

What do you make of all these leaks? Watched the briefing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.