WB Games Montreal Unveils Latest Teaser For Rumoured Batman Game

WB Games Montreal has kicked off its latest round of teasers for its long-rumoured Batman game, which is expected to be in attendance at the upcoming DC FanDome event this Saturday.

However, we might even get some details before then - a new teaser website for the game reads the message "we have been expecting you" coupled with a date of tomorrow, August 18th.

There's also a cryptic tweet which you can see below:

It remains to be seen whether a full reveal is on the way tomorrow, but it seems unlikely - according to freelance reporter Jordan Oloman, the code for the teaser website suggests that the full trailer will be unlocked this Friday, with various clues being dished out on a daily basis until then.

Still, it won't be long now until we finally get a look at what WB Games Montreal has been working on.

What are you hoping to see from WB Games Montreal's Batman title? Share your thoughts below.

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