343 Shuts Down 'Fake Leaks' Regarding Halo Infinite Release Plans

The last Halo Infinite rumour that has been doing the rounds over the past few days concerns the Xbox One version of the game, with mod-verified ResetEra user Sponger suggesting 343 Industries was considering dropping that version, as well as potentially even delaying the game until 2022 if necessary.

There was a fair bit of scepticism when Sponger posted this online however, and Halo Community Manager John Junyszek has today taken to Twitter to debunk the rumour:

This isn't the first time 343 has responded to rumours about Halo Infinite in recent weeks - the company also shut down suggestions that the Halo TV show was causing disruption to the game behind the scenes, as well as denying that the game's campaign mode was ever going to ship without multiplayer.

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