Microsoft Exec Suggests Xbox One Hasn't Been Discontinued Amid Rumours

You might have seen earlier today that our sister site Push Square noted that rumours have been rampant over the past few days that Microsoft might be discontinuing the Xbox One. And while that might indeed be the case before long, an Xbox executive has responded to suggest it's "very much still available" for now.

Many of these reports are coming from Amazon US, where multiple Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles are classed as "discontinued," and have been for some time. However in a response from Xbox Console Business Planning Lead Dan Tavares on Twitter about Xbox One S specifically, he explained the reason behind this:

Furthermore, Tavares went on to comment on reports that the Xbox One is only available in limited stock (or sold out) in certain areas across the world, noting the following:

"We've seen an explosion in Xbox demand these past months. It's been hard to keep up - also, best problem to have."

Of course, there's every chance Microsoft might begin to phase out sales of the Xbox One in the near future, especially with the Xbox Lockhart (Series S) seemingly on the horizon. For now though, the official line seems to be that the Xbox One - at least the standard Xbox One S version - is still available in good supply.

Do you think Microsoft will discontinue the Xbox One before the end of the year? Let us know in the comments.

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