Here's one for the Pokémon fans! Over the past week, Reddit and Instagram user BloodOrangeDoodles has been building their own translucent Xbox controller power button, and it's fair to say we're pretty impressed with the results!

Speaking to Pure Xbox, the creator explained the process of how they made it:

I carefully measured an OEM Xbox controller power button, and then I modeled a new button on my computer using a 3D modeling program. Using that base model, I changed the shape a little bit to make it look like a Pokéball. I printed the respective parts in their respective colors, and then assembled it using some colored paint/primer, and some translucent glue. After the paint and glue dried, I covered the button with a protective coating and installed it into an extra controller I have.

Aside from the Pokémon button, BloodOrangeDoodles also says they're working on several more designs that they'll be posting to their Instagram in the future. What do you think of the idea? What custom design would you choose for your Xbox controller's power button? Let us know in the comments.

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