Rumour: July's Xbox Series X Event Will Feature A "Big Blowout" Of First-Party Titles

Well-known industry insider Shinobi602 has hinted more at what to expect from Microsoft's highly-anticipated upcoming Xbox Series X event in July. Responding to someone on Resetera, he revealed that the company is planning to "lay all the cards on the table" from its first-party studios.

While mentioning that things could always change between now and July, particularly due to COVID-19, he explained that the idea was always to have a "big blowout" of first-party titles, featuring major AAA reveals from Xbox Game Studios. He claimed that big third parties will also be part of the event, but won't necessarily be exclusive.

Of course, we already know that Microsoft is planning to showcase titles from its Xbox Game Studios during the show, which was revealed earlier this month. The company explained that it would be sharing new gameplay, developer insights and new game announcements, and highlighted Halo Infinite in particular, as well as some of its newer studios such as Double Fine, Ninja Theory and Obsidian.

Regarding the upcoming event, Shinobi602 hinted that there's "a ton of stuff to be excited about," and that he's personally really excited for the show.

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