Phil Spencer On Xbox Series X Reveals: We're Trying New Things, Listening And Learning

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently took to Twitter to respond to a fan's comment about Xbox Series X reveal events. In their question, they asked the Xbox boss what the biggest challenge was in regards to how to present the team's next-gen vision/events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his response, Spencer highlighted that the team is trying new things and has given itself room to improve, and also suggested that he's now using the Xbox Series X exclusively for testing:

"We're trying new things, listening/learning. We gave ourselves room to improve and we will. We believe in our plan. I'm 100% on XSX, playing games, watching platform tech land, seeing what's ahead. Patience is the most difficult part for me, that's not C19 related, that's just me."

We recently polled the Pure Xbox audience on its reception to this month's Inside Xbox event on an A-F scale, with the vast majority giving it a C. It'll be interesting to see how well July's event fares, which looks set to focus primarily on Xbox Game Studios titles including Halo Infinite.

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