We've been excited about Moving Out for a while now - a crazy physics-based moving simulator that reminds us very much of Team17's Overcooked. We already knew it was releasing today, but Microsoft has pulled a big surprise by confirming it's now also available on Xbox Game Pass.

We had no inclination this was going to happen, so this is a welcome addition! Moving Out can be downloaded via Xbox Game Pass for both Xbox One and/or PC, and it's also available to purchase for £19.99/$24.99.

The game itself is described as bringing "new meaning to "couch co-op", requiring up to four local players to move furniture out of everything from sleepy suburbs to haunted houses. The game features a "unique cast of colourful characters" and also an Assist Mode for those who want to turn down the difficulty.

Will you be downloading Moving Out later today? Let us know if you're excited for this one in the comments.

[source majornelson.com]