Rockstar Updates GTA 6 Websites, Will It Be Revealed Soon?

We've been hearing rumours about GTA VI for years now, and it's always worth taking them with a pinch of salt, but a potential announcement date of March 25th (today!) has cropped up on numerous occasions recently. And now, Rockstar and Take-Two has added fuel to the fire by making changes to the website.

This was apparently first noticed on Reddit (thanks Screen Rant), where it was indicated that no longer redirects to the Rockstar Games website. It was also mentioned by user Ambuaz that previously, the domain's nameservers were pointing to a server in Germany. Now, after the update, the nameservers have been moved to a New York server similar to other Rockstar domains.

As for the announcement date, it's been reported over at the likes of Reddit and 4chan that a March 25th reveal could be on the cards. Don't take this as fact - it's very much an unconfirmed rumour for now - but the recent changes to the domain have certainly brought it back into discussion.

Finally, it's also been noted over at Gaming Route that the website has been updated. Again, like the domain, this took place on March 23rd. It could just be maintenance-related or preparation for the future of course, but it's an interesting development all the same.

Do you think GTA 6 will be revealed soon, or is this all just a big misunderstanding? Let us know in the comments.

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