You've played GTA V, right? If you have, you'll definitely know of Michael and Amanda De Santa's luxurious mansion in Rockford Hills. It's one of the most recognisable settings in the game, and now, one creative Grand Theft Auto fanatic has attempted to recreate it in The Sims 4 with stunning results.

You can see just how they did it in the incredible 18-minute YouTube video above, incorporating a meticulous recreation of everything from the interior decoration to the outside swimming pool and tennis court. Check out some of the screengrabs from the video below:

The Indian Simmer also posted on Reddit to share their creation, which received predictably amazed responses. It was also noted the build isn't "100% accurate", but ultimately, it's really hard to care (or notice) when the results are this breathtakingly good. What do you think of The Indian Simmer's build in The Sims 4? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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