People Are Hoarding And Price Gouging Toilet Paper In Fallout 76

You're probably already aware of this, but the coronavirus pandemic and panic-buying consumers has made toilet paper one of the most sought-after items in many places around the world. And now, for some reason, it's also ridiculously expensive in the world of Fallout 76.

Various people on Reddit (thanks US Gamer) have mentioned how they've been selling toilet paper at higher prices than usual, and there have been plenty of posts about it on Twitter too:

Just last week, we also noted how State of Decay 2 predicted the toilet paper fiasco all the way back in 2013. It remains to be seen whether any other games will start incorporating hoarding and higher prices for toilet paper over the coming weeks, but we certainly wouldn't be surprised to see it happen.

Have you noticed toilet paper hoarding in Fallout 76? Tell us your experiences in the comments.

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