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  • News The GTA 6 Website Has Been Updated, Reveal On The Way?

    Manhunt 3 website as well

    We've been hearing rumours about GTA VI for years now, and it's always worth taking them with a pinch of salt, but a potential announcement date of March 25th (today!) has cropped up on numerous occasions recently. And now, Rockstar and Take-Two has added fuel to the fire by making changes to the website. This...

  • News Sizeable Twitter Poll Suggests More People Prefer Xbox Series X Than PS5

    Sample size of 30k

    Self-described writer, videogame lover and standup comedian Christian Spicer took to Twitter the other day to poll users on their thoughts regarding Xbox Series X and PS5. He questioned which of the two systems people would choose if they "could only pick one", and received over 30k votes for his trouble. You can see the tweet...

  • Poll How Expensive Will The Xbox Series X Be At Launch?

    Give us your estimates

    We reported yesterday that a senior analyst at market research company Omdia (thanks True Achievements) had noted the prices for both Xbox Series X and PS5 were "obviously already lurking in the $400 - $500 region". For now though, Microsoft and Sony have yet to comment on how much their systems will cost. In that same...

  • News According To Microsoft, This Is Why The Xbox Series X Looks Like A Fridge

    'All of those components fit together in this really unique way'

    We received a lot of information about Xbox Series X during its deep dive last week, and here's something else we found out - exactly why the console resembles a fridge. Ultimately, it was created in such a strange shape due to how the internal components fit together in a "really...

  • Random Xbox Debug Kit Featuring Two Unreleased Games Appears On eBay

    Sells for over $1k

    Back in October 2019, an original Xbox debug kit appeared on eBay, eventually selling for the grand price of $1250. Why so expensive? The system wasn't only a 1st Gen debug kit, but came packaged with two unreleased games in the form of International Volleyball 2004 and platformer Geox. Let's break this down. Basically, it...

  • News Microsoft Says Its Hardware Supply Chain Is Slowly Recovering

    That's good news for Xbox Series X production

    As the coronavirus pandemic has spread across the globe, there have been ongoing concerns about hardware supply chains. On the Xbox front, the situation is no different – with analysts suggesting the new Xbox Series X could be shipped in "smaller volumes" due to production issues, or perhaps even miss...

  • News Green Man Gaming Has Begun Selling Digital Xbox One Games In Europe

    A nice surprise

    Green Man Gaming has announced (thanks Windows Central) that it's now selling Xbox One games via its online store. The selection is limited to select European countries at present, and all the currently available games are Xbox Play Anywhere titles, with the company confirming it's "working to bring you even more Xbox games." For...

  • News Plague Inc. Developing COVID-19 Inspired Update, Donates $250k To Fight The Virus

    "Players will have to balance managing disease progression"

    The creator behind Plague Inc. has made a $250k donation to coronavirus-related organisations, split between the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and the World Health Organisation's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Furthermore, Ndemic Creations is developing a new...

  • News DOOM Eternal Shatters Opening Weekend Franchise Record

    Bethesda will be pleased

    Following its release last Friday (even earlier in some places), DOOM Eternal shattered its franchise record over the weekend, racking up double the launch revenue of the 2016 reboot. Bethesda announced this in a press release earlier today, but didn't provide sales figures. It was also noted that on PC, the game has done...

  • News Gears 5 - Operation 3: Gridiron Features New Mode, Maps And Characters

    Update: It's now live!

    Update: (Wed 25th Mar, 2020 19:00 GMT): Gears 5 - Operation 3: Gridiron is now live! It's a free update for all Gears 5 players, including Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Original Story: (Wed 25th Mar, 2020 13:15 GMT): There's a new update on the way for Gears 5 in the form of Operation 3: Gridiron, which will bring a new...

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  • Random Golfer Hits Hole-In-One With Xbox One Disc

    Yes, you read that right

    Have you ever seen anyone perfectly chip an Xbox One disc into the disc drive before? Well, you have now! You might think this is a consequence of self-isolation driving everyone to boredom, but this comes courtesy of holein1trickshots on Instagram, who does this sort of thing all the time. The feat was later shared by the...

  • News Xbox Series X And PS5 Power Difference 'Quite Staggering', Hints Ex-Sony Designer

    "I've chatted to a few devs"

    We heard a lot of information last week about the spec differences between Xbox Series X and PS5, leading to plenty of debate about which console will be the more powerful of the two. Now, ex-Sony Game Designer Chris Grannell has weighed in with some interesting comments, noting he's "chatted to a few devs" who have...

  • News Microsoft Reveals How Long The Xbox Series X Has Been In Development

    Since before Xbox One X

    Something we mostly glossed over last week during the massive Xbox Series X reveal was exactly how long the Xbox Series X has been in the works. As revealed by both Digital Foundry and Austin Evans, we now know the console first began development all the way back in 2016. For those keeping track, this means Microsoft was...

  • Review Resident Evil 2 - A Stellar Remake Of A Stone-Cold Classic

    Raccoon City Redux

    Ask anyone who played the original release of Resident Evil 2 back in 1998 what they remember most fondly about their time with the game and we reckon a lot of folk will gravitate towards the Raccoon City Police Department. Easily the best setting in a Resident Evil to date – although Resident Evil 7's hillbilly hellhouse runs...

  • News CeX Corporate Stores In The UK Temporarily Close Due To Coronavirus

    Update: Confirmation from CeX

    Update: (Mon 23rd Mar, 2020 18:10 GMT): CeX has confirmed that all corporate-owned stores in the UK will close from today, with the company instead moving to an online-only service. The retailer has indicated that it strongly suggests all franchise stores do the same "as it is the responsible thing to do". Original...

    • CEX
  • News People Are Hoarding And Price Gouging Toilet Paper In Fallout 76

    Because of course they are

    You're probably already aware of this, but the coronavirus pandemic and panic-buying consumers has made toilet paper one of the most sought-after items in many places around the world. And now, for some reason, it's also ridiculously expensive in the world of Fallout 76. Various people on Reddit (thanks US Gamer) have...

  • Video Microsoft Demos Xbox Concept Controller For Mobile Devices

    Very versatile

    Microsoft Research uploaded an old video to its YouTube channel a few days ago showcasing a "versatile controller concept for mobile gaming." The video was made back in 2018, but represents work carried out between 2012 and 2014, so it goes back a bit! It's still a really interesting showcase, however, highlighting how the controller...

  • UK Charts DOOM Eternal Enters At #2, Loses Out To Animal Crossing

    Forza Horizon 4 re-enters the top ten

    To the surprise of few, both DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons have dominated the UK charts this week. Both games were released last Friday (although were sold early by various retailers), and have enjoyed fantastic starts as previously expected. Elsewhere, it's been a fantastic week for Crash...

  • News WRC 9 Confirmed For Xbox Series X, Launches Earlier On Xbox One

    Also coming to PS, PC and Switch

    The latest entry in the popular and long-running World Rally Championship series will be heading to next-gen consoles in September 2020, including Xbox Series X. But first, it'll be launched on current-gen platforms including Xbox One, with no official date given as of yet. According to the official WRC website, the...

  • News Football Teams Around The World Are Playing FIFA 20 Together For Charity

    It's called #UltimateQuaranTeam

    If you're a football (soccer) fan in the UK, you probably already know about this. For everyone else, this is #UltimateQuaranTeam — a major online FIFA 20 tournament featuring participants from across the world of football, including Manchester City, AS Roma and AFC Ajax. The tournament was originally arranged by...

  • News World War Z Crossplay Now Live, PS4 To Be Added In The Future

    New features and tweaks added

    Here's the good news — World War Z crossplay between Xbox One and PC is live right now, and PS4 crossplay support is on the way. The bad news? We don't know exactly when PS4 support is coming, aside from that it'll be "some point in the future". The official World War Z Twitter posted earlier today revealing the...

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  • Random We're In Awe Of This Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Fan Art

    Shut up and take our money!

    Have you seen this? Have you seen this?! We think Microsoft would make a lot of money if this was available day one for Xbox Series X. This design was made by talented Redditer NurRayArt, and we're still salivating over its gorgeous Halo Infinite inspired detail. You can see one of the posts NurRayArt made to the Halo...

  • News Don't Worry, Your Astro Headset Will Still Work On Xbox Series X

    Even without the optical audio port

    Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft has ditched the optical audio port on the Xbox Series X retail model, leading to some confusion about whether certain headsets and certain sound systems will still be compatible. Fortunately, it's now been confirmed that all of Astro Gaming's compatible headsets will continue...

  • News 343 Industries Working Remotely, But Intends To Push On With Halo Infinite Development

    "We're removing all the obstacles in our path and tracking well"

    The coronavirus outbreak is causing a lot of disruptions around the world right now. Even within the video game industry, major events have been cancelled and certain releases have been delayed. Fortunately, it's still business as usual for 343 Industries, despite the fact the entire...

  • Review DOOM Eternal - One Of The Best First-Person Shooters Ever Made

    DOOM! Shake the room

    We've just blasted and beaten our way into a remote cultist facility deep in the Artic Tundra, hot on the heels of the hell priest Deag Ranak. As we enter this towering death complex its tannoy speakers squeal to life – "The slayer has arrived. All mortally-challenged personnel please be advised." Ahead of us lies a bloody...

  • Guide All Xbox Play Anywhere Games

    Buy once, play on Xbox One and PC

    It's not one of Microsoft's more heavily promoted Xbox promotions these days, but Xbox Play Anywhere remains a fantastic deal for anyone buying first-party games. The service allows you to buy a game for Xbox One and get another copy for PC, or vice-versa. Better yet, both versions share cloud saves, meaning you can...

  • News Upcoming RPG Sea of Stars Is The Spitting Image Of Chrono Trigger

    Smashed its Kickstarter target

    There's a new RPG on the way from Sabotage Studio -- the team behind the critically acclaimed The Messenger -- and it's looking very nice indeed. Sea of Stars is planned for release on PC and consoles in 2022, and it's smashed its Kickstarter target in under 7 hours. As noted over at Gematsu, the game is described as...

  • News Xbox Series X And PS5 Could Miss Holiday 2020 Release, Says Analyst

    No surprises there

    With the coronavirus affecting everything in most corners of the globe right now, it's no surprise to hear that both Xbox Series X and PS5 could potentially miss their holiday 2020 release dates. However, IDC Research Director of Gaming and VR/AR Lewis Ward suggests both consoles are still currently expected to release in Q4 2020,...

  • News Here's What's Coming To Xbox One Next Week

    Ready for Bleeding Edge?

    We've got a bunch of great Free Play Days titles to take advantage of this weekend, but what's happening next week? Well, it's a pretty busy one in terms of releases compared to what we've seen recently, so let's round everything up courtesy of Major Nelson over at Xbox Wire. Freedom Finger (March 24) is a "music driven,...

  • News GAME Explains Why It Broke DOOM Eternal's Street Date In The UK

    "This is not our usual code of practice"

    Bethesda's DOOM Eternal officially releases today, but throughout the week, we've been hearing reports of various retailers breaking its street date. GAME in the UK is one of those retailers, and in a statement, the company has confirmed that it indeed broke the game's street date due to the "unprecedented...

  • News Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Reappears On Ratings Board

    This time in South Korea

    It seems as though that recent leak suggesting a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 remaster was possibly correct, as "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered" has recently been rated in South Korea. This was shared by IGN, who picked up on a Tweet earlier today with a link to the South Korean site.

  • Random Someone Put A Wireless Charger Inside Their Xbox One

    ...But why?

    Here's an interesting one -- someone over at the Xbox One Reddit page has put a wireless charger inside their Xbox One S. Why? We don't know. But it's pretty fascinating anyway. This was shared yesterday by user Inkpuppet, who posted a photo of their phone charging on top of the system. They also went on to explain exactly how they did...

  • News Sea Of Thieves Turns 2 Years Old Today, Celebrates With Freebies

    Has it been that long?

    It might not feel like it, but Rare's Sea of Thieves released a whole two years ago back on March 20, 2018. The game has come a long way since then (check our recent review), and to celebrate its anniversary, there are a bunch of freebies players can take advantage of over the next few days. Let's start with the biggest one...

Thursday19th Mar 2020

  • News This Is What The Xbox Series X Devkit Looks Like

    Not very fridge-y

    We all know what the Xbox Series X looks like by now, but what does its devkit look like? Well, thanks to a recent hands-on video by Austin Evans, we have the answer. And interestingly, it looks nothing like the Xbox Series X itself, and a lot like the Project Scorpio devkit (which eventually became the Xbox One X). You can see...

  • Review Cuphead - Difficult But Downright Delightful

    Studio MDHR gambles and wins

    There are very few games that so completely achieve what they set out to be. Studio MDHR’s Cuphead is one of them, a game that feels like a singular, focused vision come to life – as though it jumped out of its creator’s imaginations without compromise and without having to be made to fit a framework. It’s...

  • Random Xbox Fans Think Now Is The Perfect Time To Bring Back 1 VS. 100

    We wholeheartedly agree

    If you owned an Xbox 360 back in 2009 or 2010, it's very likely you were able to experience the MMO game show 1 vs. 100 on Xbox Live. It ceased production pretty quickly -- it didn't last beyond July 2010 -- but people are still talking about it today, and some fans think now is the perfect time to bring it back. In case...

  • Feature So, Did Much Happen While We Were Away?

    Following a 4-year slumber, we're back. Former editor Ken fills you in...

    Four years is a long old time, huh? It’s the time between England losing in one World Cup and losing in another World Cup. It used to be roughly the amount of time a console generation would last. It’s almost as long as Pure Xbox has been offline. So, I thought it would...

  • News Xbox Game Pass Introduces Free Perks For Ultimate Subscribers

    "Ultimate members will now regularly receive new benefits"

    Microsoft has announced that Perks are the latest addition to Xbox Game Pass, rewarding Ultimate subscribers with everything from in-game content to DLC. In case you weren't aware, Game Pass Ultimate is the highest tier package available for the service, and includes Xbox Live Gold...

  • News Microsoft Ditches Optical Audio Port On Xbox Series X Retail Model

    A prototype exclusive

    A prototype model of the Xbox Series X Microsoft's been incredibly upfront about the hardware housed inside of the Xbox Series X as well as the technical specs, but as we noted the other day, the system has also removed a few (mostly minor) features that were previously included on the Xbox One. An eagle-eyed observer...

  • Guide Xbox Game Pass FAQ

    All The Games, Packages and Deals

    Heard about Xbox Game Pass and wondering what all the fuss is about? We're biased, but it's arguably the best subscription service in all of gaming right now, offering hundreds of quality titles at a low monthly cost. You should find all the information you need to know about Xbox Game Pass in this article, but if...

  • News Even PS5 Fans Are Suggesting Xbox Series X Had The Better Reveal This Week

    Just saying...

    We're not in the business of throwing too much shade here at Pure Xbox, but let's be honest -- yesterday's PS5 deep dive wasn't particularly exciting for the average consumer. What some perceived to be a large-scale feature reveal ended up being a dry technical discussion, and some PS5 fans weren't happy. You can find disgruntlement...

  • Talking Point Has Yesterday's PS5 Deep Dive Changed Your Opinion On Xbox Series X?

    Share your thoughts

    It's been a wild few days for Xbox Series X and PS5 news, hasn't it? We here at Pure Xbox have only just launched our brand-new site (tell your friends!), and we've already been thrown into the thick of it. We wouldn't have it any other way though -- this has been a really great week for Microsoft and Xbox Series X, with the...

  • News EA Hints Battlefield V Might Be Coming To Xbox Game Pass Soon

    Bring it on

    It was a busy day for Xbox Game Pass yesterday, with Microsoft announcing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks, as well as various incomings and outgoings for the games library. And now, it looks like we may be getting another huge title added soon in the form of Battlefield V. Following a tweet posted by Xbox Game Pass yesterday about the...

  • Random This Xbox Player Just Became A Gamerscore Multimillionaire

    Phil Spencer comments

    Here's something you don't see everyday! Posting on Twitter, an Xbox player by the name of Pigimus Prime has shared footage of them hitting a ridiculous 2 million Gamerscore on Xbox Live, making them a Gamerscore multimillionaire. They're one of only a few players to ever achieve this feat. Furthermore, Phil Spencer took to...

  • News EA Sports Changes FIFA 20 Ultimate Team In Response To Coronavirus

    Concerns Team of the Week

    Team of the Week -- the typical promo FIFA 20 Ultimate Team runs every week celebrating in-form, real life players from the world of football (soccer, if you prefer) -- has been drastically changed in response to the coronavirus. With very little football currently taking place across the world, the decision has been made...

  • News Bethesda Explains Why DOOM Eternal Doesn't Have A Deathmatch Mode

    Pete Hines reveals all

    We're now just one day away from the official release of DOOM Eternal (well, it's already out in some places), and it's safe to say we're pretty hyped. The game has been getting fantastic reviews so far, but in a recent interview with

  • Rumour Call Of Duty: Black Ops Reboot Coming In 2020

    Codenamed "Project Zeus"

    A reboot of the Call of Duty: Black Ops franchise is set to release later this year, at least according to YouTuber TheGamingRevolution. This has been reported by Video Games Chronicle, who pass on that the game "is said to be a reboot of the Black Ops franchise in a similar fashion to 2019’s Modern Warfare reimagining."...

  • News Free Play Days: Sea Of Thieves And Assassin's Creed Lead This Weekend's Lineup

    Discounts available too

    For those of you in self-isolation this weekend (stay safe!), you'll be glad to hear Microsoft is making another set of games available for free for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. This time around, the games are Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Sea of Thieves and Smite. We already

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  • Random Battle Bus Leaves Player Behind In Fortnite: Battle Royale

    Anybody there?

    Achieving a Victory Royale in Fortnite: Battle Royale is hard enough as it is, but it's harder when you can't even get into the game. That's what happened to a recent player on the FortNiteBR Reddit, who found that the Battle Bus simply left them behind at the beginning of a match. The footage below (provided by user LayzaSkully)...

  • News Sea Of Thieves' Heart Of Fire Update Is Now Available

    Update: Delay over

    Update (Thu 12th Mar, 2020 16:29 GMT): Looks like the bug has been fixed! Sea of Thieves' Heart of Fire update can be downloaded right now for Xbox One and PC. Original Article (Wed 11th Mar, 2020 11:30 GMT): If you were hoping to play Sea of Thieves' new Heart of Fire update tomorrow, we've got some bad news -- it's been...

Wednesday11th Mar 2020

  • News A Remastered Version Of Saints Row: The Third Has Just Leaked

    There's a release date as well

    It's been a long time since Saints Row: The Third released for Xbox 360 all the way back in 2011. It's historically been considered one of the best games in the series, and it now looks set to be receiving a full remastered edition on Xbox One in the near future. We're hearing this courtesy of GameFly (thanks...

  • News It's True, E3 2020 Has Been Officially Cancelled

    Update: The ESA provides a statement

    Update (Wed 11th Mar, 2020 15:49 GMT): It's true! E3 2020 has been officially cancelled. A statement released by the ESA (thanks GameSpot) confirmed this: "After careful consultation with our member companies regarding the health and safety of everyone in our industry--our fans, our employees, our exhibitors...

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  • Random Xbox Player Completes GTA V Without Any Deaths Or Arrests

    Full 100% completion

    We all know how massive of a game Grand Theft Auto V is -- the single-player campaign alone can take over 30 hours to beat, with 100% completion taking even longer. And so it's quite something that Reddit user j0hnnyj0hns has not only 100% completed the game in just over 50 hours, but has done so without any notching up any...

  • UK Charts Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Loses Top Spot

    Jedi: Fallen Order drops out the top ten

    The UK charts have been revealed for the week ending 7th March, and it's bad news for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare -- it's lost the top spot to new Nintendo Switch release Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. It's still second in the rankings though, so it's not all bad news. Elsewhere, Two Point...

  • News New Worms Game Teased For 2020 Release

    Major changes incoming?

    It's been a while since we last had an excuse to annihilate a bunch of worms on Xbox One, with the series' most recent title -- Worms W.M.D -- having first been released for the console back in August 2016. Fortunately, it looks like we'll be getting another chance soon with the tease of a new Worms game in 2020. This reveal...

  • News Xbox Series X To Feature A Dedicated Audio Chip

    Revealed in a new interview

    We've got some more information to share about the Xbox Series X, but this time not from Microsoft themselves. Instead, these new details come courtesy of both Ninja Theory and Video Game Chronicle, with Ninja Theory's audio team revealing that the Xbox Series X will include a dedicated audio chip. Speaking to VGC, Ninja...

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  • Random Xbox Series X Fans Are Creating Some Stunning Fan Art

    Getting creative

    Listen, we like the look of the upcoming Xbox Series X already, but its box-like design offers up loads of potential for some impressive special editions. As you'd expect, various fans have already taken to the net to create mockups based around their favourite games, brands and personalities, and the results are looking really...

  • News Three More Games Coming To Xbox Game Pass Today

    Update: A fourth has just shown up

    Update: (Fri 6th Mar, 2020 08:54 GMT): It was previously announced that The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game would be added to Xbox Game Pass for PC in the month of March, but we didn't know it would be today! It's now available to download via the Xbox app. Microsoft have announced a selection of new games...

  • Video DOOM Eternal Features A Heavy Metal Choir

    Mick Gordon does it again

    Remember how amazing the soundtrack for DOOM (2016) was? Well, it seems like composer Mick Gordon has outdone himself once more for the upcoming release of DOOM Eternal, with a new behind-the-scenes video showcasing the team using a heavy metal choir for the soundtrack. The video above includes a four-minute long look at...

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