Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.35.54 AM.png

In a day already brimming with E3 leaks, the release date for Watch_Dogs 2 -- Ubisoft's anticipated stealth-action sequel -- has just been revealed.

As indicated by the above image, a site banner over on IGN shows a release date of November 15th, 2016. It appears to have been uploaded a day early before the world reveal of Watch Dogs 2 on June 8th. Clicking the banner link directs the user right to Ubisoft's main website for the game where a countdown clock ticks down to the inevitable reveal trailer.

Not much else can be gleamed from this leak, although we do have a clearer look at the protagonist of the game, who doesn't look anything like the first game's Aiden Pierce. There appears to be a stronger emphasis on graffiti judging from the artwork on either side. It's already been announced that Watch Dogs 2 will be set in San Fransisco.

We'll no doubt have more information on Watch Dogs 2 in the coming days leading up to E3.