Earlier this year, Microsoft surprised many gamers with the announcement that Xbox One would soon be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 titles. Whilst the feature isn't due to hit officially until November, Xbox Preview Program members were given a small selection of games to play.

The vast majority of the games were first party titles; although this however did include Bioware's Mass Effect due to Microsoft having originally published the title. Upon its initial release into the backward compatibility system, only the base game was available for download. The Mass Effect franchise was something of a trailblazer when it came to adding meaningful story based DLC, so making that available to download too was something owners have been wanting to see.

With this in mind, Bioware has released backward compatible versions of two downloadable content packs for Mass Effect in the form of Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station. Both of these are now available for download (provided you already own them) and are accessible via the Games and Apps menu, much in the same way you would install additional content to Xbox One titles.

Microsoft remains quiet on the exact make up of the 100 or so titles due to launch in November but it's reassuring to see movement in ensuring the most complete version of each title remains a priority. Pure Xbox will have the latest on the Xbox 360 games coming to Xbox One as and when we get it.