Rare Replay E3 2015 760 X428

Rare Replay is en route to Xbox One and it'll contain 30 titles from Rare's impressive back catalogue.

While most of the titles were from an era well, well, well before downloadable content was even a consideration, a couple of them - Kameo, Perfect Dark Zero, and Viva Pinata - come from a slightly more modern age. This has led gamers to wonder if Rare Replay will come with their respective DLC, or if they'd be charged for it.

Rare have taken to the old twitterbox to confirm that put people's minds at rest. They've confirmed that all "game-centric DLC" (so story add-ons and the like) will be included, although a few "vanity item" like pieces (costumes, etc.) may not make the cut.


Hopefully, that'll cause some folks to rest easier.

Rare Replay launches on August 4th, exclusively for Xbox One.