Will Stray be on Xbox? The indie game from Annapurna Interactive has proved a huge hit over the past few months, in which you venture on a cyberpunk adventure as a stray cat, and it's capturing people's hearts everywhere. The game released on PS4, PS5 and PC back on Tuesday, July 19th.

With it making such an impression, many are wondering: is Stray coming to Xbox? The answer is not yet, but there are signs that we might see Stray on Xbox eventually. Here's everything we know so far:

Is Stray Coming To Xbox?

At present we don't have any definitive information surrounding an Xbox release, but that's not to say it won't happen. Currently, the game is out for PlayStation and PC, but the initial 2020 trailer provided an interesting bit of news.

The PlayStation trailer acknowledged its PC release and also placed it as a console exclusive, so that means it's not coming to Xbox, right? Not exactly, as a small disclaimer at the bottom reads: "Console exclusive for a limited time". This would suggest the game is hitting either Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, or even both. Though judging by the game's graphics, a Switch release may be hard to achieve.

Is Annapurna Interactive's Stray Coming To Xbox?

What Is Stray's Release Date?

Stray's official release date was July 19th, 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC, and obviously there's no Xbox release date as of yet. It also launched as part of the Extra, Deluxe, and Premium tiers of PlayStation Plus.

With it being a timed console exclusive, Stray's Xbox release date could potentially be anywhere from now until July 2023 or even longer. It's perhaps best not to expect Stray to hit Xbox until 2023 at the earliest - if at all.

I Haven't Heard Of Stray Before. What Type Of Game Is It?

Stray is described as a "third-person cat adventure game". We don't get many of those, so it would be hard to miss this one. You engage with the environment by traversing like a cat, such as sneaking, climbing, and being mischievous.

Various gameplay videos have also showcased Stray's combat elements, as well as adventure game segments where you talk to characters and assist them in their problems. But perhaps the most striking feature is Stray's visual art style, which has made many instantly fall in love with the furry feline.

That's the key info we know about Stray for now. While it's perhaps a bit too early to get excited for an Xbox release, it certainly sounds like it could be arriving on Xbox platforms one day. Just don't expect it for a little while yet.

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