How To Beat The First Boss In Armored Core 6: AH12 HC Helicopter Quick Strategy Guide 1
Image: Pure Xbox

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon is finally here. Hooray! We've been looking forward to digging into FromSoftware's return to this classic franchise for a very long time and, so far, it's more than living up to our expectations (we'll have a full review along ASAP).

Of course, this being a FromSoftware game, things can get plenty tricky from time to time and the game's very first boss, the AH12 HC Helicopter, will likely prove to be a sticking point for some newcomers. With this in mind, let's take a very quick look at the key to making sure this chopper doesn't see you stuck in a rut at the very start of your mech adventures.

How To Beat The First Boss In Armored Core 6

So you've made it to the end of the very first mission, collected the pilot licenses and been directed to one last area to check out. Once you arrive in this zone you're set upon by the game's first proper challenge.

As soon as the AH12 HC Helicopter arrives on the scene it's gonna bombard you with attacks from the air that mix hails of bullets - not too damaging - with missile barrages - incredibly damaging!

The game itself will focus on explaining that aerial dexterity is key here, make sure to be in the air and moving when missiles hit the ground as the blast will damage you even if it's not a direct hit. However what's not made so clear is the fact that your best form of attack here, the key to victory in what can be a tough battle otherwise, is to use your mighty sword melee attack.

Yes, in order to make this a quick scrap, what you need to do is use the area's sparse buildings as cover, make sure you have your energy charged to max and then assault charge your foe (press L3), jump up and charge right at it - zipping side to side to avoid any missiles - and then deliver a great big melee combo by double-pressing the left trigger.

To make this easier, time your assaults so that you can see incoming missile trajectories, or jump into the air just as they're coming in to land, then you've got an open run at the chopper to deliver some hits. You can also fire off rounds of your own missiles to soften the target up, but really it's all about melee here. You can spend absolutely ages firing off missiles and shooting at this enemy to no real effect, but around five or six successful melee combos in the air should be enough to see the battle ended in just a few minutes.

Use the cover afforded to you, don't spend too much time on the ground, make sure you've got full energy for taking to the air, get up and dash right in with sword attacks. Rinse and repeat. Easy peasy!

Enjoying Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon so far? Got any tips of your own to share? Make sure to let us know in the comments!