Forza Motorsport Deluxe & Premium Edition Contents

Forza Motorsport is launching day one on Xbox Game Pass, but there are a few other editions of the game that grant various bonuses, including early access.

So, here are all the versions of Forza Motorsport and what each edition contains:

Forza Motorsport Editions

Standard Edition (Xbox Game Pass)

The Forza Motorsport Standard Edition Costs $70 / £70, and contains the base game only.

This is the version that is included in Xbox Game Pass on day one - October 10.

Forza Motorsport Deluxe Edition

The Forza Motorsport Deluxe Edition bundles together the base game and the Car Pass, for $90 / £80. This version does not include early access.

The Car Pass will deliver 30 brand-new cars on a weekly basis after launch.

Forza Motorsport Premium Edition

The Forza Motorsport Premium Edition contains the base game, the Car Pass, VIP Membership, the 'Race Day Car Pack' and the 'Welcome Pack', along with access to play the game early - costing $100 / £90.

Forza Motorsport Early Access begins on October 5.

Forza Motorsport Premium Add-Ons Bundle

The Premium Add-Ons Bundle for Forza Motorsport contains everything that the above Premium Edition has, but without the base game. So, this bundle contains all of the premium DLC, along with early access.

This bundle is targeted at those playing via Xbox Game Pass - where the base game is available. It'll cost you $40 / £30, but you can get 10% off that price as an Xbox Game Pass member.

Which edition of Forza Motorsport are you going for?