As detailed last month, Forza Motorsport contains three performance modes on Xbox Series X and two on Xbox Series S, including one Series X option that manages to hit 60FPS with ray tracing!

We've played around with all of these modes ahead of launch, so here's a quick summary of each mode and a verdict on which we'd recommend using per console.

Forza Motorsport Xbox Series X Performance Modes


The 'Performance' option is very similar to how 2017's Forza Motorsport 7 was set up on Xbox One X.

You're getting rock-solid 60FPS performance at 4K resolution for a smooth, crisp image - and it feels very solid on Xbox Series X.

This is the one to go for if you prefer the absolute sharpest visuals possible but need that 60FPS performance as well.

Performance RT

'Performance RT' is a great balance of next-gen visual techniques along with 60FPS gameplay. The game still looks crisp in this mode (even if the resolution is lower), and performance is solid - all while featuring ray tracing.

This has been our go-to mode so far and is the one we'd recommend using for Forza Motorsport on Xbox Series X.


The 'Visuals' mode is here for all the graphics geeks out there. You're getting full 4K resolution with all the ray tracing features, but the game is limited to 30FPS.

We must admit the game looks gorgeous in this mode and is definitely a visual showpiece, but we really enjoy 60FPS in Forza Motorsport so we'd probably pick one of the other two modes for that reason alone.

Forza Motorsport: All Performance Mode Details On Xbox Series X And S 2
Image: Xbox Series X "Graphics Setup" options

Forza Motorsport Xbox Series S Performance Modes


The ‘Performance’ mode on Xbox Series S does a decent enough job bringing 60FPS to the lower spec console.

You’re getting a solid 60FPS performance at 1080p resolution - much muddier than the Xbox Series X’s higher resolution figures across the board.

Performance is a good option for folks adamant on 60FPS but the loss in detail makes this mode quite hard to see in Forza’s cockpit view at times.


The ‘Quality’ option gets the most visual fidelity out of Xbox Series S. You’re getting highs of 1440p here.

Quality clears up some of the muddy resolution providing a much clearer picture on the Xbox Series S but the heavier visual load drops the frame rate to 30FPS.

If you can get behind the much slower frame rate we’d recommend taking to the tarmac in quality mode overall.

So, that's how things are shaping up for Forza Motorsport at launch - on both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. For our money, Performance RT is the way to go on Series X, while Quality gets the job done nicely on Series S.