Thanks to a new deep-dive tech video from the folks over at Digital Foundry, we now know a bit more about the technicalities of Forza Motorsport running on Xbox Series S - following news on its Xbox Series X counterpart earlier today.

While Xbox Series X manages on-track ray tracing in most of its visual modes, Xbox Series S is limited to off-track ray tracing only. Basically, there's no proper gameplay ray tracing for Forza Motorsport on Xbox Series S - it's all limited to the 'Homespace' and 'Car Theater' parts of the game on Microsoft's smaller machine.

Forza Motorsport Hits 60FPS On Xbox Series S, Misses Out On Some Ray Tracing Features 1
Image: Turn 10 Studios / Digital Foundry

While this is undoubtedly disappointing, the console does manage 60FPS in the game's 'Performance' mode, which is good to see. This Xbox Series S Performance mode opts for 1080p / 60 frames per second, while its 'Quality' mode will run at 1440p / 30 frames per second.

If you'd like to see the full details on how the game runs on Xbox Series X, we've got all the info on that down below.

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