Forza Motorsport Launches With Three Performance Modes On Xbox Series X

(Update - 17:30PM): Thanks to a brand-new Digital Foundry breakdown, we now have all the details for the Xbox Series S version of Forza Motorsport as well. We'll drop a link to that story just below, and you can carry on reading for all the Xbox Series X information!

(Original Story - 11:45AM): Turn 10 is committing to a major technical rebuild with this year's Forza Motorsport, including the series debut of on-track ray tracing features. However, ray tracing can be taxing on console hardware, and it's meant that for the first time in FM history, this year's game will launch with multiple performance modes on Xbox Series X.

We have the full 4K / 60FPS setup that featured in Forza Motorsport 7, we have a variable resolution mode at 60FPS that features ray tracing, and finally, there's a 30FPS mode that adds in full 4K and ray tracing support.

Here's a breakdown of each mode:

  • Performance: Prioritize 60 frames per second on-track performance at 4K resolution
  • Performance RT: Enable on-track ray tracing features at 60 frames per second with variable resolution
  • Visuals: Maximize 4K visual quality on-track with ray tracing at 30 frames per second
Forza Motorsport Launches With Three Performance Modes On Xbox Series X 1

We're quite surprised to see a 30FPS option here as developer Turn 10 has typically avoided running at that frame rate, but more options are always a good thing in our book - and players have come to expect more visual modes in modern titles as well.

As for Xbox Series S, the team hasn't detailed what modes will feature on the console just yet, with recent previews being hosted on the Xbox Series X. Hopefully, the team supplies more Series S information in the run up to launch.

Which mode will you try out first? Let us know what you make of them in the comments below.