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Review scores are starting to come out for this game, unfortunately alot of the scores seem to be for the PS4 version as well as some bugs. Hopefully they won't be present on the Xbox version. I will be getting it regardless as I loved the game on 360 and I am looking forward to picking it up. Anyone else grabbing this one tomorrow.

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Yeah i am expecting my copy tomorrow.



My wife has been playing this and has had no end of issues with it. Even after the recent 1.04 patch, she's still getting audio/visual and game-breaking bugs, and has been unable to proceed because the game keeps crashing at the same point. If a higher profile game were to launch in the same state as Re-Reckoning, the Internet would be on fire right now, but I'm afraid to say that THQ Nordic will probably let this fly under the radar.

It's a shame because KoA is one of her all-time favourite games and she was well excited for Re-Reckoning.


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