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This is an Xbox PVE server. dif between PVE and PVP player versus environment is what my server is we
are not a PVP TV stands for player-vs-player which we do not tolerate on our server . 80% of the zombies
will have items it is much easier to stay alive unless you're encountering zombies how do you count in
population does environment for 2000, the default for morsel servers zombies r800 we have upped ours.
We have boosted environment extremely more animals more zombies more items. We have factions we have
a Discord. That is just been opened.. so if you are looking for a safe place to play where you will not
be shot or killed by another player on Les. You break the rules. No player-vs-player no killing a
survivor unless. He or she breaks into your base your base must have a completely surrounded fence
and a lock if you catch someone breaking into your property using a glitch jumping over the fence
or backing up with a car and jumping over your fence property in Utah they do not or you log on
and find someone inside your fence for somehow kill them this is Texas law to death all
trespassers! Do not leave your vehicles outside of a locked facility and anyone can walk up
to them they can steal them any item outside of fence and it is not locked up it can be taken . We do
have a bounty situation installed on Discord you can catch player and identify them place a bounty on
their head you have to pay the fee ingame items trade we are opening a Black Market organ dealership we
are opening car lot we are opening a food and clothing District we are looking for people that are
interested in run he said guilds waiting there are going to be assigned a specific colored armband ps i
did the spelling will drunk lol sorry if iv mis spelled any thing hahah PvE! Tyrant virus

PvE! Tyrant virus

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