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Yes; this is the same Marky Vigoroth from NintendoLife posting here the 1st time.

I am planning on getting a new XBOX 360 console soon, given how cheap the console itself and its games are alongside he now extensive library. However, me having been generally sticking with Nintendo- quite a long time, I am confused in this new outing. More specifically, is getting the E model or the S model a better option? I have gotten wary of these consoles ever since the 'Red Lights of Death' fiasco, hence I want the model that has the lower risk of running a 'Red Lights of Death' event.

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I('d say S, I had that model when I upgraded from my old Elite (although that was a disk drive failure, not RROD). The S ran quieter and if I remember correctly had built in Wifi, so based purely on my experiences I'd say S.

Oh, and welcome to the world of Xbox!

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Hi Marky,
I had and still have the S model since it launched and it's been running fine since then. Absolutely no problems with it. However, I'd say that you're probably better off getting the latest version if you can from what I've read.

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I have the E version and it is great, so far (knock on wood).

When buying consoles this late in the game, so to speak, go with the newest version as long as features haven't been removed, etc.


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Thank you all! I decided on the E model (if available).
...then again, I would have to earn money beforehand.

Actually, I like Bowser AND hairy bellies!


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