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Who would you guys like to see Xbox acquire next? Give me a bunch of studies with reasoning to why they would fit the Xbox brand!

My first pick is WB Games. I know if Microsoft acquire WB games they don't get the Batman, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings IP, but they can easily license those IP's out exclusively for the Xbox ecosystem. This would be a good acquisition because it would first off give Xbox their own superhero with Batman. This would be perfect as it could bring majority of the Batman fanbase to gamepass and it would rival PlayStation's Spider-Man which is one of the main reasons people are going for the PS5. This acquisition would also give Xbox the Lego games developer. Phil Spencer did say that he is looking for more E rated content. What's better than the Lego game? This would attract a lot of the young audience to the Xbox ecosystem. They will also get other well known IP such as Mortal Kombat, Middle Earth Series, Harry Potter games and many more!

My second pick is going to be Bioware. Now I know it's extremely unlikely that EA would agree to sell Bioware, but if they do Microsoft should immediately pick them up. Xbox is trying to establish itself as the RPG powerhouse and this would add to their already stellar collection of RPG's with Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Outer worlds, Avowed, Fable, Wasteland, and Starfield. Adding Mass Effect and Dragon Age to that collection would be massive for Xbox.

My third and final pick is Remedy. Remedy is a fantastic developer and they have proven that they have talent with Control. Xbox and Remedy have a good relationship as Remedy worked on Alan Wake, and Quantum Break for Xbox, and now they are also developing the campaign for the upcoming first person shooter Crossfire X. Remedy has the potential to be Microsoft's Naughty Dog all they need now is proper funding and a massive new IP.

These are my picks! what are you guys going to go for I'm interested in reading your thoughts!




There’s already a separate thread on this topic.



Remedy seems most likely as well as fitting for Xbox, I'm surprised they haven't bought them already. Does Remedy prefer independence, I do recall they wanted more Alan Wake and MS wanted Quantum Break so maybe that was something to do with why they weren't acquired by now.


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