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@LeanerFasterStronger it's about Thomas Cromwell, who becomes Henry the 8th advisor and helps him navigate the dissolution of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon to marry Ann Boelyn in a quest for a male heir and onwards. Its set at the same time as the reformation and has some of the politics between England, France and the holy roman empire (crossing over with the pentiment timing). It got a really good bbc drama series version of the 1st and chunk of the second book, if you don't fancy the book, that are on the bbc iplayer. It's got a really decent cast and if your not uk based, a cheeky vpn location switch should unlock it and make it free.

I got that one too! The dr definitely isnt keen on me or my orator skills. I joked about talking someone's pants off but I did actually unlock an achievement for doing that. Not sure if that was my orator skills or hedonist background that helped with that one.

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I have found that there are certainly times and places where letting people know you’ve been to Paris or have a knowledge of the law is definitely not welcomed! The game this reminds me of most is ‘Night in the Woods’, it’s clearly not possible to see everything in a single play through and quite easy to entirely miss some things. Very much enjoying it so far, I think I’m about 2/3 through after a good weekend session.



@ralphdibny After a couple of months off, hoping I can find time to participate this month for Pentiment over the next few weeks. (Platinumed GOW:R and just have to play Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit... before it leaves GP.

For Jan I'll vote for Deathloop (Keep meaning to get around to it! Love Arkane)

January is usually my backlog month anyway where I try and play as many games as possible to chip away at some of those game I never got around to.

@Clankylad Missed Night in the Woods when it was on Game Pass but Josh Sawyer, Pentiment's Director, has said in many interviews that is was one of main impartations.

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Finished Pentiment. Man, that Act 3 is a drag. Overall, I enjoyed the game enough to see it through to the end.

@ralphdibny My vote for January is DeathLoop

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@ralphdibny My votes for January are:

Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Brutal Legend.

I think neither of them has a chance, but I will try nevertheless. Cheers!


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Coming back to Pentiment (starting chapter 2) and happy to see since I was playing they added an option to change the text volume as that is a game changer for me as I now can play it with sound



@HarmanSmith brutal legend is very fun. After voting for it a few times for the game club and no one else picking it, I just played it myself. If you like Jack Black and you like Metal music, give it a whirl anyways if it doesn't get chosen. It's a fun experience

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The second act felt a bit samey at some point, altough it was interesting to see how people react to you after the choices of the first. Quite the surprise ending to the act too. Let's see If the third (and final?) Act can deliver.



And I have just finished Pentiment. For a while I was feeling that the gameplay was getting monotonous, helped by the fact that throughout 15h you walk the same places you can check in 10/15minutes.
But the reality is that the story of the town and its people is the focus and that is just fine.
In the end I anticipated some of the outcomes but couldnt be farther from truth regarding the main mistery.

I would be happier with a shorter game, also because getting all achievements will take you a second full playthrough that will take almost the same time (not that I will do it though..)

But my favourite part is that as a profound atheist the ending is just music to my ears as I allways felt that religion is a bunch of lies built on top of old traditions focused on diminishing and empovering the common and that in the end it brings the worst in people

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Sorry peeps, would somebody else mind counting up and getting the final votes for January's game after Christmas for me please? Just tag me on New Years Eve when it's done and let me know which game has been chosen and I'll update the thread title.

Sorry just got a lot on and personal issues that I'm attempting to deal with right now. No need for sympathies, the issues are more or less entirely my fault but I just need to focus on my life and my relationships and family right now.



If it’s not too late for a vote for a January game, I’ll vote for Signalis.



@ralphdibny as of today we have the following votes:

Deathloop - 4
Return to monkey island - 2
Ninja gaiden sigma - 1
Brutal Legends - 1
Signalis - 1



Happy holidays everyone!! Hope everyone can share it with family and friends (and manage to fit some backlog in there). I had my last work day of the year on Thursday so plentunof time to relax.

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Happy new year everyone, this month's game is Deathloop.

Thanks @Balta666 for counting the votes for us this month. Much appreciated.

Please use spoiler tags when discussing spoilerish moments of the game. You do so by typing your spoiler between spoiler tags like this: [spoiler]insert message here[ /spoiler] and removing the space between [ and /

Some HLTB Stats:

Main Story - 16 Hours
Main + Extras - 23½ Hours
Completionist - 34½ Hours

Tag list, please tag me and let me know if you want to be added or removed. I think I've picked up everyone who joined this month but please just post and tag me @ralphdibny to let me know if I've missed you or if you want to join!

Also please let me know if you change your username, I might not notice and you won't get the notification (equally let me know if you have changed your username to get away from the notifications and I will delete you off the tag list 😆)

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Ok so now, votes for next month.

  • Tag me in a post with your vote(s). (Just hit reply on one of my posts or write @ralphdibny)
  • Write your votes in bold (put two asterisks around it) and try and keep it separate from any paragraphs.
  • One line will do, "My vote is such and such a game(s)"
  • Feel free to make the post longer but try and keep the actual vote separate from the main body of the text and at the top of the post next to my tag @ralphdibny
  • Vote for as many games as you like!

The votes reset every month and start from Zero. Feel free to suggest new games and I will add them to the list and count your vote toward it!

Amnesia: Dark Descent -
Brutal Legend -
Conker's Bad Fur Day/Live & Reloaded -
Crysis -
Fable Anniversary -
It takes two -
Kameo: Elements of Power -
Maneater -
Ninja Gaiden Sigma -
Nobody Saves The World -
Ori and the Will of the Wisps -
Perfect Dark -
Rage -
Return to Monkey Island -
Scorn -
Signalis -
Sniper Elite 5 -
Somerville -
The Gunk -
Trek to Yomi -
Tunic -
Undertale -
Yoku's Island Express -

If you have another game you'd like added to the list then let me know and I will add it with a vote from you!

I will link to this post in my signature so you can just click on my signature to get back to this post and see the list of games and current votes!

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Deathloop was kind of a sleeper hit for me. I had never really put a huge amount of effort into Arkane titles - dabbled mostly - but Deathloop was the hook for me.

I was worried that having to repeat stuff over and over again would get old, but Arkane did a cool job making the same stages feel different based on when you play them.

I originally played it on PS5, but replayed the game on Series X when it dropped on Game Pass so I could see the extended ending after you kill Julianna and yourself

@ralphdibny My vote is The Gunk

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