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Let me run through the list and I'll get back with you guys shortly.



Given that Forza Horizon 5 is not on the list I would suggest that we add it (It's a game that I have always wanted to play). As for April I would want to cast a vote for Wo Long Fallen which is a Soul like Hack and Slash action adventure game from Team Ninja . Now I think that one of the pros of playing Wo Long is that it would not take to long for us to beat it. That being said I hope this will not be the only suggestion for April.

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@Balta666 Evil West. That's actually my top vote. Hoping others vote for it too. Looks great.



Hi all!

This Month's game is Minesweeper!

Boot up your old Windows 95 PCs folks, this one is a real doozy.

Sweep for mines in this Microsoft classic. If you click the wrong square, boom! You die!


HLTB Stats:

Single Player: 2-3 hours

And if you clear the minefield, then feel free to join us in some Solitaire!


List of Next Month's Games to vote for:

SIM City 2000 -
Command & Conquer -
Command & Conquer Red Alert -
Theme Hospital -
Sam & Max Hit the Road -
Duke Nukem 3D -
FIFA 98 -
Freecell -
Microsoft Paint -
PC Gamer March 1997 Demo Disc -
Virtual Springfield -
Batman Cartoon Maker -
Z -
LEGO Island -

Obligatory tag list:

@Tothington91 @MAC26 @vidjagames @Justifier @Tjuz @nessisonett @crippyd @Krzzystuff @sib @LeanerFasterStronger @cracked_seal @Mr-Fuggles777 @Mundaney @KilloWertz @antifyre @Magabro @themightyant @ZeD @K1LLEGAL @Balta666 @Bmartin001 @R1spam @lookupmore @Lavalera @frabbit @FraserG @WCB @TooBarFoo @SeriousSatan @xMightyMatt14x @BaldBelper78 @TuckNorris85 @Grail_Quest @Jsb5150 @Mamabear @liljazzy2 @Dydreamr @XFinest_KnightX @Elufachi @Amical @Supermutant @revluke @Akropolon @olskoolSEGA @HarmanSmith @Dr_Devious04 @EliteSlayer @GamingFan4Lyf @Pepa27 @MaxC @NintendoByNature @ralphdibny @Captain_Chozo @HelloCraig @BlackMayge @kyleforrester87 @RDDMarston @Utena-mobile @oliverp @OldManLopan @jedinite @Bnasty0303 @Bundersvessel @Balta666

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See ya!


😂 I would legit play a console version of Minesweeper



@Balta666 haha really? That's brill!

I'm glad I had a bit of time to squeeze in an April fools this year! But I'm at my parents for the weekend so I didn't have access to my small range of joke games at home to take photos of (I'll do one next year 😀) but luckily I thought of minesweeper. It's a bit more relevant to Microsoft at least!

Feel free to do the proper post whenever you are ready and I will change the thread title as appropriate 😀

See ya!


Well following April Fools we have another surprise with a Double Gaming April as we have a tie between the absolute classic Banjo-Kazooie and the indie darling Solar Ash and let's see how that goes

Please use spoiler tags when discussing spoilerish moments of the game. You do so by typing your spoiler between spoiler tags like this: [spoiler]insert message here[ /spoiler] and removing the space between [ and /

Some HLTB Stats:

Main Story - 11.5 Hours
Main + Extras - 14 Hours
Completionist - 14.5 Hours

Solar Ash
Main Story - 5.5 Hours
Main + Extras - 7 Hours
Completionist - 9 Hours

Tag list, please tag me and let me know if you want to be added or removed. I think I've picked up everyone who joined this month but please just post and tag me @Balta666 to let me know if I've missed you or if you want to join!
Also please let me know if you change your username, I might not notice and you won't get the notification (equally let me know if you have changed your username to get away from the notifications and I will delete you off the tag list 😆)

@Tothington91 @MAC26 @vidjagames @Justifier @Tjuz @nessisonett @crippyd @Krzzystuff @sib @LeanerFasterStronger @cracked_seal @Mr-Fuggles777 @Mundaney @KilloWertz @antifyre @Magabro @themightyant @ZeD @K1LLEGAL @Balta666 @Bmartin001 @R1spam @lookupmore @Lavalera @frabbit @FraserG @WCB @TooBarFoo @SeriousSatan @xMightyMatt14x @BaldBelper78 @TuckNorris85 @Grail_Quest @Jsb5150 @Mamabear @liljazzy2 @Dydreamr @XFinest_KnightX @Elufachi @Amical @Supermutant @revluke @Akropolon @olskoolSEGA @HarmanSmith @Dr_Devious04 @EliteSlayer @GamingFan4Lyf @Pepa27 @MaxC @NintendoByNature @ralphdibny @Captain_Chozo @HelloCraig @BlackMayge @kyleforrester87 @RDDMarston @Utena-mobile @oliverp @OldManLopan @jedinite @Bnasty0303 @Bundersvessel @Angelus74

Ok so now, votes for next month.

  • Tag me in a post with your vote(s). (Just hit reply on one of my posts or write @Balta666)
  • Write your votes in bold (put the text in between asterisks) and try and keep it separate from any paragraphs.
  • One line will do, "My vote is such and such a game(s)"
  • Feel free to make the post longer but try and keep the actual vote separate from the main body of the text and at the top of the post next to my tag @Balta666
  • Vote for as many games as you like!
    The votes reset every month and start from Zero. Feel free to suggest new games and I will add them to the list and count your vote toward it!
    American McGee's Alice -
    Conker's Bad Fur Day -
    Contrast -
    Evil West -
    Forza horizon 5 -
    Gears of War 2 -
    Genesis Noir -
    Ghost wire: Tokyo -
    Halo 2 -
    Inkulinati -
    Inside -
    Jusant -
    Lies of Pi -
    Planet of Lana -
    Remnant 2 -
    Rise of Tomb Raider -
    Steamworld build -
    The Evil Within 2 -
    Unravel -
    We Happy Few -
    Wo Long: Fallen Destiny -

If you have another game you'd like added to the list then let me know and I will add it with a vote from you!

For other tips on formatting texts in the forum's see the link below:


I will link to this post in my signature so you can just click on my signature down below to get back to this post and see the list of games and current votes!

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@Balta666 sweet, I'll probably start on solar ash first as I'm deep in D4 and something shorter and more contained would be easier to manage.


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