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This is a list I made while completing the game 100%. With this, you can easily check the in-game menu to see what you are missing. The Notes section is excluded because it's completed automatically as you progress. I still have to get all the endings and a few achievements and collectibles but all of them should be listed below. If not, let me know and I will update this. The remaster drops some ghost names but the Wii U version has them, so I added those names to the list. The endings also have different names but they are similar.


Pale Mistress (Woman in a Casket)
Hisoka Kurosawa
Akira Oinuma
Masaki Tsujiura
Tadahito Koizumi
Mizue Fukatsu
Nao Migiwa
Man With a Blade (Kyozo Kururugi)
Man of Forbidden Flame (Flamekeeper)
Hiromichi Kashima
Inori Mikomori (Alive)
Inori Mikomori (Dead)
Emi Mikomori (Alive)
Emi Mikomori (Dead)
Honoka Mikomori (Alive)
Honoka Mikomori (Dead)
Wedding Celebrant
Funeral Celebrant
Twisted Guardian
Haruka Momose
Shino Kururugi
Tomoki Harakawa
Hiori Magabuchi
Woman Who Fell (Yukiho Tomine)
Kirika Reizen
Fuyuhi Himino
Keiji Watarai
Kazuya Sakaki
White-haired Girld (Shiragiku)
Shizuma Amaki
Koto Okudera
Yurine Uno
Doll 1 (Shiranui)
Doll 2 (Shion)
Shizuku Mikomori
Tall Woman
Ose Kurosawa
Tainted Ose Kurosawa


Peering Shadow
Hands in the Water
Man Peeking Through
Hanging Man
Man Looking at a Key
Searching Man
Peering Man
Staring Man
Woman on a Cliff
Hanged Woman
Swept-Away Maiden
Girl Watching From Behind
Girl Watching From Behind
Boy Watching From Behind
Pushed Woman
Drowned Woman
Man in the Shadows
Woman in the Shadows
Woman in the Shadows
Hands Waving in the Dark
Man Shrouded in Darkness
Man in the Darkness
Man Beckoning Upward
Man Hanged in a Hole
Falling Woman
Woman Who Was Hanged
Man Transfixed by Sunset
Man Staring at Something
Man Hanged by the Neck
Man Beckoning Inside
Man Hanged by the Neck
Woman in the Netherworld
Woman Who Leaps Down
Wistful Shrine Maiden
Maiden Swept Downriver
Figure From the Water
Man in Agony
Wandering Shrine Maiden
Wandering Shrine Maiden
Wandering Shrine Maiden
Murdered Shrine Maiden
Man Gouging Out Eyes
Looming Man
Fleeing Child
Masked Man
Fleeing Child
Man Carrying a Reliquary
Fleeing Child (Koto Okudera, girl in yellow)
Fleeing Child (Yurine Uno, girl in black)
Fleeing Child (Yurine Uno, girl in black)
Fleeing Child (boy)
Tall Woman
Waiting Woman
Old Woman in the Door
Shrine Maiden in a Room
Shrine Miaden in a Room
Man Staring Back
Tall Woman
Tall Woman
Running Boy
Running Girl
Running Girl
Man in a Hallway
Dropping Woman
Shadowy Man
Man in Mirror
Peering Woman
Dragged Man
Shadow in the Dark
Girl Hiding in Shadows
Sitting Girl
Boy Standing at a Grave
Old Woman Wearing Black
Clinging Man
Girl with a Red Umbrella
Woman Offering Flowers
Man by the Fire
Man by the Fire
Man Crafting Reliquaries
Girl with a Red Umbrella
Woman Offering Flowers
Woman Floating
Tall Woman
Woman Looking In
Woman Who Was Hanged
Shrine Maiden in Shadow
Shadow on the Staircase
Old Woman Beckoning In
Kazuya Sakaki
Kazuya Sakaki
Old Woman Beckoning In
Maiden Looking Down
Bride on the Water
Shadow Lurking in the Dark
Shadow in the Lattice
Maiden Staring at Water
Maiden Beckoning Inside
Wandering Woman
Peeking Woman
Woman in a Mirror
Woman with an Umbrella
Girl Who Kept Waiting
Girl in a White Kimono


Innkeeper Heading Inside
Fuyuhi Himino Entering the Forest
Fuyuhi Himino Heading Inside
Fuyuhi Himino Looking Up a Tree
Fuyuhi Himino in front of the Shrine
Fuyuhi Himino Examining a Door
Hisoka Kurosawa Leaving a Room
Hisoka Kurosawa at the Counter
Girl in Uniform
Hisoka Kurosawa Going Outside
Haruka Momose Behind the Waterfall
Haruka Momose Peering into the River
Haruka Momose Heading to the Grounds
Haruka Momose Entering the Shrine
Haruka Momose Looking at the Dolls
Haruka Momose Heading Inside
Haruka Momose Before the Reliquary
Murmuring Keiji Watarai
Keiji Watarai Heading Inside
Wandering Keiji Watarai
Transfixed Keiji Watarai
Keiji Watarai Lost in Thought
Miu Hinasaki Heading Inside
Miu Hanasaki at the Station
Miu Hanasaki Entering the Shrine
Miu Hanasaki Going Through a Door
Miu Hanasaki Drawing Back
Hisoka Kurosawa Heading Inside
Hisoka Kurosawa on a Side Road
Hisoka Kurosawa In Front of the Jizo
Hisoka Kurosawa on Twilit Peak
Hisoka Kurosawa Heading to the Lake
Hisoka Kurosawa Standing in the Lake
Rui Kagamiya Walking Along the Hallway
Miku Hinasaki Standing at a Grave
Yuri Kozukata Heading into the Valley
Yuri Kozukata Heading to Twilit Peak
Kazuya Sakaki in the Hallway
Kazuya Sakaki Ascending the Stairs
Rui Kagamiya Heading Inside
Kazuya Sakaki Looking at a Photo
Kazuya Sakaki in a Corner
Kazuya Sakaki Talking
Man Stuck in a Reliquary
Miku Hinasaki Walking on a Side Road
Miku Hinasaki in the Forbidden Valley
Miku Hinasaki Before Ghost Marriage
Miku Hinasaki in the House of Joining
Bride Beckoning
Woman Who Leaps Down
Maiden Who Glances
Bride in the Woods
Maiden Who Glances
Woman Who Was Hanged
Woman with a Cut Throat
Maiden Who Glances Girls
Bride Waving to the Gate
Kunihiko Aso Walking Along the Path
Kunihiko Aso Walking in the Forest
Kunihiko Aso in the Forbidden Valley
Miku Hinasaki on the Twilit Peak
Miku Hinasaki Heading Inside
Miku Hinasaki Heading to the Lake
Bride Entering a Room
Tsumugi Katashina in the Tunnel
Tsumugi Katashina in the Forest
Tsumugi Katashina in the Shrine
Tsumugi Katashina Entering the Shrine


Postmortem Photograph
Two schoolgirls
Miu Hinasaki
Photo of a Bride
Shadow on Water
Ose's Smile
Miku Hinasaki
Wedding Photo
A Girl in Uniform
Haruka Momose
Kazuya Sakaki
Close Snapshot
A Creeping Shadow
A Light Under a Bed
A Hanging Doll
A Shining Black Box
An Eerie Shadow
A Shadow in a Boat
Shadow Behind Lattice
Opened Reliquary
Shadow Behind Statues
A Shadow in a Shrine
Shadow on a Roof
Portraits of the Deceased
Gate in the Water
A Bride at a Dresser
A Shadow at a Bridge
Shadow in the Water
Dolls in a Shrine
Shadows in the Sunset
Hisoka's Charm
Bundle of White Hair


Letter From Fuyuhi
Fuyuhi's Note 1
Fuyuhi's Note 2
Fuyuhi's Note 3
Messy Note 1
Messy Note 2
Messy Note 3
Messy Note 4
Suicide Note
Haruka's Note 1
Haruka's Note 2
Haruka's Note 3
Haruka's Note 4
Drenched Note
Note From Miku 1
Note From Miku 2
Note From Miku 3
The Doll Memorial
Shrine of Dolls 1
Shrine of Dolls 2
Shrine of Dolls 3
Shrine of Dolls 4
Folklorist's Notes 1
Folklorist's Notes 2
Folklorist's Notes 3
Folklorist's Notes 4
Folklorist's Notes 5
Folklorist's Notes 6
Folklorist's Notes 7
Folklorist's Notes 8
Water-design Journal 1
Water-design Journal 2
Water-design Journal 3
Water-design Journal 4
Water-design Journal 5
Water-design Journal 6
Water-design Journal 7
Water-design Journal 8
Water-design Journal 9
Dr. Aso's Records 1
Dr. Aso's Records 2
Dr. Aso's Records 3
Dr. Aso's Records 4
As Ren, do not go to the spider lily byway until you get the following three:
Dr. Aso's Records 5. Final Drop. Twilit Peak. Rear Shrine of Dolls.
Dr. Aso's Records 6. Final Drop. Forbidden Valley. Cherry Blossom Plateau.
Dr. Aso's Records 7. Final Drop. Twilit Peak. Lake of the Departed.
Book Next to the Hair
Shiragiku's Journal 1
Shiragiku's Journal 2
Shiragiku's Journal 3
Shiragiku's Journal 4
Note Left Behind 1
Note Left Behind 2
Note Left Behind 3
Yuri's Notebook 1
Yuri's Notebook 2
Yuri's Notebook 3
Yuri's Notebook 4
Rui's Journal 1
Rui's Journal 2
Rui's Journal 3
Rui's Journal 4
Rui's Journal 5
Rui's Journal 6
Rui's Journal 7
Hisoka's Letter
Hisoka's Journal 1
Hisoka's Journal 2
Hisoka's Journal 3
Hisoka's Journal 4
Hisoka's Journal 5
Hisoka's Journal 6
Kazuya's Note 1
Kazuya's Note 2
Kazuya's Note 3
Note From Miu
Note From Ren
Black Diary 1
Black Diary 2
White Diary
Bloodstained Note 1
Bloodstained Note 2
Bloodstained Note 3
Lost Item Case Files
Haruka Momose
Miu Hinasaki
Kazuya Sakaki
Miku Hinasaki
Tsumugi Katashina
Yuri Kozukata
Akari Narumi
Yuri's Report
The Art of Shadow Reading
Mt. Hikami's Downfall
The Deathly Mountain
Suicide at Mt. Hikami
Unfinished Manuscript
The Maiden Slayer
Cave-in Record
The Veiled House
Local Customs
Tales of Photography
The Ghost Marriage
The Female Perspective
Tales of the Sunset
Shrine on the Water
In the Reliquaries
On the Shadowborn
Ghost Brides
Water & Mt. Hikami
Water, Life and Death
The Shadowspring Tale
Writings on Glancing
The Immortal Flower
Mt. Hikami's Structures
Tainted Waters
The Shadow-touched
On Flamekeepers
On Choosing a Bride
On Bridehood
Regarding Bridegrooms
The Black Reliquaries
The Three Pillars
The Taboo of Glancing
Opening Reliquaries
On the Mountain's Cry
The Rear Shrine
Note From a Tent
Sunken Note
Crumpled Note
Apparent Suicide Note
Deteriorating Note
Keiji's Cassette 1
Keiji's Cassette 2
Keiji's Cassette 3
Call From a Client
Photo Album
Mt. Hikami Brochure
The Veiled House
Camera Obscura
Ren's Camera Obscura
Spirit Stone Flashlight
Slow Lens
Bind Lens
Reward Lens
Stun Lens
Blow Lens
Crush Lens
Zero Lens
Resore Lens
Butterfly Lens


Yuri: Twilit Cliff
Yuri: Hisoka on a Cliff
Yuri: Warm Coffee
Yuri: Death All Around
Ren: Ceremony Dream
Ren: Girl Glances Back
Miu: Dragged Under
Miu: Lies and Fear
Miu: Boat of Passage
Hisoka: Misty Lake
Hisoka: Here and Gone
Rui: Face in the Mirror
Miku: Ghost Marriage
Fuyuhi: Shared Promise
Fuyuhi: Final Moments
Haruka: Lured By Dust
Watarai: Bride in Black
Kazuya: A Painful End
Dr. Aso: Two Tokens
Dr. Aso: Undying Love
Ose: Embrace
People From the Water
Chased Man
Video: Lost Woman
The Children
Shino Kururugi
Kirika Reizen
Hiori Magabuchi
Tomoki Harakawa
Yukuhi Tomine
Hiromichi Kashima
Twisted Guardian
Black Water Maiden 1
Black Water Maiden 2
Blood-soaked Maidens
Kyozo Kururugi
Funeral Celebrant
Pale Mistress
Woman With Umbrella


Bride of Yomi
Love After Death
Alone in the Casket
Inside the Box
A Cold Spring
Waking Up to Dreams
Dream Road

All the endings unlock notes in the Notes section.


Lens See
Record Reaper
Second Sight










@Banjo- well you certainly have been a busy bee with Maiden of the Black Water. I cleared 1 and 2 100 percent back in the day. I think when I’m done playing 4, I’ll go back to 5. It’s got me excited to collect everything again.


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@EvilSilentFrame So busy ha ha. I will do this with Mask of the Lunar Eclipse but not in the first playthrough to avoid spoilers and interrupting the gameplay despite the fact that I played it on Wii years ago. I have forgotten most things, which is nice. Hopefully, we will be able to play the first three games on Xbox 🤞🏻.



@Banjo- You don't mess about do you bud . I used to have that patience in my younger years lol.



@Banjo- it’s been years since I’ve played the first three games, I’m hoping it’ll feel new when I do, but since I replayed them over and over, I’m guessing not. 3 might as I only played that one once. I own the disk but borrowed a PS2 to play it. So that one I remember less of. But the first two I was obsessed with. I remember drawing out a family tree of the characters to try and figure out where the people fell in the family. I was reading all the notes and doing research online to figure out dates, who’s kid they were, who they were married to, when they died… I’m glad that obsession is over lol.


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@Banjo- I wish I still did. I didn’t do it on computer or anything. It was on paper and I was struggling to figure out who was related to who and how 1 and 2 tied together. Spoiler for anybody who hasn’t played the first two games!!! I finally put two and two together and figured out Miku’s grandmother was the twin sister of Sae Kurosawa. That’s when my mind blew. Yae didn’t have a big role in either game but was definitely a part of the storyline for both 1 & 2. If I could go back in time and redo something again, it would be to play those two games for the first time.

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