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With hundreds of games now available on Xbox Game Pass, it's impossible to try them all. What do you think are some of the most underrated that people should play?

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Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising & Lost in random.
Eiyuden chronicles is a pretty simple, relaxing side scrolling Japanese action RPG. Pretty straightforward, you basically do quests to build up a town. Not that long either, about 10-12 hours to finish it.
Lost in random, is a Tim Burton art syle adventure game with a pretty unique combat style. Its a combination of dice rolling, card play and depending on the cards you get give you abilities.

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Donut County
Shadows of the Damned (EA Play)

*Huge caveat, the game runs abysmally at times. Expect it to drop into single digit frames often.
Even on Series X it chugs along at about 20fps most of the time.

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Superliminal a mind bending puzzle game not entirely dissimilar to Portal

Not played it yet but people with similar taste keep praising Lake, have to get round to that soon



@Lavalera Came here to write about Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising as well! It's such a great game and I've barely heard anyone talk about it. The art style reminds me of Square Enix's HD-2D games like Octopath Traveler. Basically very beautiful graphics with retro-styled 2D characters. The music is great, the gameplay is fun and the story is fairly interesting. Definitely did not expect to get lost into this game when I started it up today. Highly recommend it to people who want a chill 2D action experience.



@LtSarge glad to hear you also enjoy it m8. It's such and underrated gem. That's why I always try to post the more unknown games on here to give my impressions about them, who knows I can give someone an idea for a new game. It's sometimes hard to see on gamepass which game is good and which not but it's fine at least with gamepass I can find these kind of gems which I wouldn't have found otherwise. I'm even stoked about the main game now. Eiyuden 100 heroes or something like that which will come next year. That is a turn based jrpg from what I understand

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Don’t look up anything ahead of time, just play it.

Voice acting does not automatically improve every game.


I will add to the list Beacon pines (a little adventure game with some time mecânica in the mix) and Record of lodoss war (metroidvania) but this last one with caveat that it is getting out of game pass in a few weeks

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