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I've only just notice, but might be a little show on the uptake, two buttons linking you dire toy to either Gamestation or Game to purchase titles.

1. Thank you! What a great way of saving me time (may sound sarcastic but its not meant to be) both sites. Game in particular are terrible to navigate around with so many flash banners etc

2. Can I assume this is a 'venture, for yourselves? If so then I will make sure to always click the link regardless of my purchases!



Glad you like the 'buy now' buttons. You'll also find Zavvi and Gameplay show up too.

If you click the buttons and make a purchase then Kinectaku will benefit with a small commission, but of course you will benefit by getting the best price. So it's a win-win really

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Well I will be sure to use them as often as possible!



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