Thanks to Xbox Game Pass we've always got lots of unique experiences to be blasting through on our PCs and Xbox consoles, but every now and then another platform delivers something you just can't seem to resist. Over the last week, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has taken the gaming world by storm, and of course, it's only playable on Nintendo Switch.

However, there are lots of games out there that borrow elements from Nintendo's legendary series, and some open world affairs that even inspired Zelda's move to an open-ended Hyrule in the first place.

Lots of these titles exist on Xbox platforms, and a good bunch of them also reside in the Xbox Game Pass library too. So, we've gathered 10 Xbox & PC games that are absolutely worth a look if you're craving something Zelda-ish right now. Whether you've just finished Tears of the Kingdom or you're merely looking for an Xbox alternative, we've curated a lovely list of similar titles in the video up above.

Is there anything from this list you might try thanks to Craig's sound recommendation? Leave a comment down below telling us which you might check out!