Welcome to your Xbox games roundup for November 6-10! The big release of next week is obviously Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but we've also got a big week coming up for Xbox Game Pass with the arrivals of Football Manager 2024, Dungeons 4, Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, Roboquest 1.0 and Wild Hearts!

Here's what's coming to Xbox next week:

New Xbox Releases (November 6-10)

  • Football Manager 2024 Console (November 6): "Assemble a match-winning team and inspire them to dominate football’s biggest competitions in FM24 Console."
  • SpellForce: Conquest Of Eo (November 6): "Become the greatest of mages in this turn-based fantasy epic set in the world of SpellForce! From the humble beginnings of your small wizard’s tower, send forth your minions and heroes to explore the realms of Eo."
  • The Invincible (November 6): "Uncover mind-boggling scientific phenomena in a cosmic, philosophical adventure set within eerie landscapes."
  • Devil Engine: Complete Edition (November 7): "A high octane, classic styled side scrolling shoot ‘em up heavily influenced by the best in the genre from the 32-bit era, featuring a variety of incredible locations, hand drawn pixel art, and a blood-pumping soundtrack that brings the dark future to life."
  • Let's Sing 2024 (November 7): "Perform some of your favorite current hits as well as modern classics from the new song selection featuring 20 exciting and popular tracks."
  • Roboquest 1.0 (November 7): "Roboquest is a fast-paced FPS Roguelite, playable in solo or 2-player co-op. Jump into the steel shoes of a high-powered, hyper-mobile robot and fight like you’ve never fought before."
  • Tintin Reporter - Cigars of the Pharaoh (November 7): "After meeting Professor Sarcophagus whilst cruising the Mediterranean Sea, the famous reporter sets out in search of the tomb of the Pharaoh Kih-Oskh."
  • Bem Feito (November 8): "Visit Reginaldo in his home on the tiny planet B-613. Take charge of the everyday tasks around his home and yard while you fish, cook, water your garden and flowers, harvest fruits, and more."
  • Excessive Trim (November 8): "Take flight as a blunt-smokin’ alien in a buzzsaw saucer as he terrorizes farms and recklessly grinds through herds of livestock, a “pseudo-3D vertical scrolling slice ’em up” presented in stark black, white, and red 3-tone pixel art."
  • Lost Islands (November 8): "Your survival adventure is about to begin… In order to survive and escape the deserted lost islands, you will have to explore desert islands and dungeons, become a forager expert and gather items, craft multiple new ones and fight monsters in this fantasy adventure."
  • Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 (November 8): "Become a motorcycle mechanic and build your empire. Buy, repair, renovate and build your own dream bikes. Become the head of a motorcycle mechanic empire in a realistic simulation game."
  • Tales Of Arise - Beyond The Dawn DLC (November 8): "Will the six be able to change the fate of the girl who will eventually fall under the curse of the mask? Explore the world again with party members who are bounded together by a strong bond."
  • Double Dragon Collection (November 9): "This package features a collection of 6 Double Dragon games, including "Super Double Dragon", the first official port since its initial release 30 years ago, and "Double Dragon Advance", similarly as the first port in over 20 years!"
  • Dungeons 4 (November 9): "The Absolute Evil and its trusted *cough* servant, the Dark Elf Thalya, return in Dungeons 4 after the events of its fabulous predecessor to bring about their triumph over the forces of good once more."
  • Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure (November 9): "Befriend creatures, craft important resources, and thwart the greedy pirates. Build fun and unique items to truly make Ikonei Island your own!"
  • Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name (November 9): "Once a legendary yakuza, Kazuma Kiryu faked his own death and abandoned his name for the sake of protecting his family. Now, he is thrust into conflict by a mysterious figure attempting to drive him out of hiding."
  • Spells & Secrets (November 9): "In this rogue-lite adventure, you free the Academy of Greifenstein from magical creatures by using your spells creatively."
  • While The Iron's Hot (November 9): "Reforge a blacksmith’s village on an isle of the land’s finest artisans! Step into the boots of an expert smith for a crafty adventure filled with mystery and charm."
  • Air Twister (November 10): "Take flight with Air Twister - the new all-out rail shooter by legendary arcade developer Yu Suzuki!"
  • Bob the Elementalist (November 10): "A puzzle platformer set in a beautiful pixelated world where you’ll need to harness the powers of the four elements (wind, water, fire, and earth) to gain new abilities and clear each zone."
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (November 10): "Captain Price and Task Force 141 face off against the ultimate threat. The ultranationalist war criminal Vladimir Makarov is extending his grasp across the world causing Task Force 141 to fight like never before."
  • The Fast Journey (November 10): "Embark on an exciting 2D adventure as a brave frog, Rafa. Your beloved frog, Polly, is captured by malevolent creatures. Determined to rescue Polly, Rafa sets out on a journey full of dangers and challenges."
  • ZooKeeper (November 10): "Take care of the animals and create ideal conditions for them. Grow your zoo, add extraordinary species, and prepare amazing attractions for visitors."

Xbox Game Pass Titles

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