These 2023 Games Have Hit Record-Low Prices In Xbox's Black Friday Sale

Xbox's massive 2023 Black Friday sale is underway - and we've highlighted some great deals in our initial sales roundup already. However, there are tons of games to go through here, and we've noticed that loads of 2023's biggest games have hit record-low prices on the Xbox Store in this sale.

So, we've picked out some of this year's biggest releases and have rounded them up here for your browsing pleasure. Every single entry in this list has hit a new-low price on Xbox Store - so now's a great time pick some of these up!

Street Fighter 6 (Xbox Series X|S)

Street Fighter 6 marked a huge return to form for Capcom's premiere fighting series when it launched earlier this year - and indeed a return to Xbox after Street Fighter 5's unfortunate absence! The team certainly made up for it anyway, as SF6 is a banger and we scored it very highly in our Pure Xbox review.

This is the first time it's been discounted on the Xbox Store, and Capcom has been generous with a lovely 40% off as well!

Lords Of The Fallen (Xbox Series X|S)

Lords Of The Fallen marks yet another soulslike to launch in 2023, and while it may not have topped that illustrious list of Elden Ring-chasers, it's still a solid effort overall from Hexworks and CI Games. The fact that this one only launched in October makes it a very tempting Black Friday offer, especially with a hefty discount of 30% off!

Hogwarts Legacy (Xbox Series X|S)

What can we say about this one? Hogwarts Legacy will no-doubt finish the year as one of 2023's best-selling games, and the team has delivered a solid discount here to tempt those Harry Potter-loving stragglers who've not picked it up yet. This magical open world adventure provides hours and hours of open world wizardry for fans to get stuck into, and we can highly recommend it at 40% off.

Resident Evil 4 Remake (Xbox Series X|S)

Capcom is absolutely nailing pretty much everything Resident Evil these days, and that extends to its remake of the much-revered Resident Evil 4. This ended up being an absolute masterclass in how to remake a game, and it's still one of 2023's best releases - even in a year with so many high-quality titles.

You'll have to go for the Deluxe Edition if you want to take advantage of an Xbox Black Friday discount, but it's still well worth it at 30% off.

Forza Horizon 5: Rally Adventure (Xbox Series X|S)

Okay, so, we've snuck a DLC onto this list but we thought we'd make an exception for the brilliant Forza Horizon 5. The open world racer's Rally Adventure expansion dropped back in March, and we enjoyed our time with it as another super-fun slice of Mexican racing action. In this sale it's 50% off too, which is by far the DLC's biggest discount yet and we can definitely recommend it at this price.

Starfield (Xbox Series X|S)

Sure, we know, most of us will access and play Starfield through Xbox Game Pass - but it's still worth mentioning Xbox's biggest game of the year getting a discount already, right? Starfield's sale price isn't quite as steep at just 20% off, but that's still a decent offer for someone who's looking to buy this one outright and play it over the holiday season. Just remember, you'll need plenty of time to get through a massive Bethesda RPG!

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Assassin's Creed Mirage (Xbox Series X|S)

AC Mirage is another very-recent release on this list, with Ubisoft unleashing its throwback Assassin's Creed title in early October 2023. We have another 20% discount here, but Mirage's cut-price RRP makes this one another tempting offer from Xbox this Black Friday. Assassins of the world - get ready to explore open world Baghdad on the cheap!

Diablo IV (Xbox Series X|S)

We had to wait a long time for Diablo 4's release, but thankfully, we don't have to wait so long for Blizzard's huge RPG to get a hefty discount. The team is offering up 40% off already, which for a title that only dropped in June isn't half bad. As it turns out, this is another 2023 release well worth your time - as you can read all about in our full written review. Hell ain't a bad place to be during Black Friday!