The launch of Lies of P marks yet another soulslike addition to Xbox Game Pass, and thankfully, most of the service's soulsy offerings have been pretty good so far! As for Neowiz's Victorian take on the genre, we rated the game pretty highly in our full written review, which you can check out down below:

Lies of P successfully takes lots of bits and pieces from all genre angles, including the obvious inspirations from PS4 exclusive Bloodborne, to create an impressive soulslike all-told. It's a brilliant day one addition to Xbox Game Pass as well, something Microsoft is making a habit of this month!

But anyway, enough of what we think about Lies of P, have you folks had the chance to dip into this one yet? If you've managed to squeeze in some game time, what do you think of the title so far?

It's certainly got lots of Game Pass competition this month with the likes of Starfield, Party Animals and Payday 3 all landing in September as well (among others), but we think Lies of P is well worth a go if you can find the time to actually play it!

Vote in the poll down below and let us know what you think to Lies of P so far in the comments section.

What Score Would You Give Lies Of P So Far? (147 votes)

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