Lies of P: Walkthrough, All Boss Guides, Weapon Locations, Tips & Tricks

Hello and welcome to our Lies of P Walkthrough Guide!

The streets of Krat are dangerous, full of killer puppets and other beasties to overcome, so in order to help you out we've put together this guide, where you'll find strategies to help you beat all of the game's bosses, including Parade Master and Scrapped Watchman, and we'll also be showing you where to find all available weapons and outfits, as well as lots of other tips and tricks to boot.

Please note that this guide is a work in progress, so make sure to keep checking in as we add more boss guides and tips over the coming days. You should also be aware that there are spoilers ahead, so be careful if you don't want any aspect of the game ruined. OK? Let's jump in!

Lies of P: Walkthrough, Tips & Tricks

General Tips

How To Level Up

How To Upgrade Weapons, Alter Handles, Assemble Weapons

How To Use Boss Ergo, Trade Boss Ergo, Find The Treasure Hunter

How To Purchase Moonstones, Where To Buy Upgrade Materials

All Boss Guides

Parade Master

Mad Donkey

Scrapped Watchman

King's Flame, Fuoco