Talking Point: What Are Your Favourite Xbox Memories Of The Past 12 Months?

This weekend, we're looking back on a crazy year for gaming in general, with some of the highlights for Xbox being the releases of Starfield, Hi-Fi RUSH and Forza Motorsport along with the acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Beyond all the headline-making news though, there's been so much else to discover on Xbox in 2023, and we're sure the Pure Xbox community has so many great memories to share with us - whether that's taking part in the PX Game Club, finding a new indie classic via Game Pass, or simply dipping into your backlog from previous years!

For me personally, I've got some great memories of enjoying Hi-Fi RUSH and Hogwarts Legacy back in January and February, discovering an unexpected favourite in Disney Speedstorm during May, taking part in a riotous multiplayer evening of Rockstar Table Tennis on the day before my wedding in October, and a whole lot more!

So, what are your favourite Xbox recollections of the past 12 months? Tell us in the comments down below!